Cute Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is coveted by most women because it gives them a variety of looks just by wearing them up or down. It might be high-maintenance because of the hair products you need to use, but if you take care of your locks dearly you will have a number of looks which you can pull off. If you have long, flowing hair and want to play with it, then here are cute easy hairstyles for long hair.

Side pony

cute side pony

Although this look can be done is just a few minutes, it can make you look very classy and elegant. As the name suggests, you need to take all of your hair and tie it down with a ponytail holder. Let your tresses fall down on one side of your chest. Spice up your look by using a sparkly or embellished ponytail holder. If you have bangs, just let them flow naturally.

blonde hair  side ponytail

Traditional and side braids

There are many braid hairstyles for long hair. The first one is the traditional braid. To do this you need to part your hair into three sections, and interlock them until you are one inch away from the edge of your hair. Tie your braids in a ponytail holder.

side loose braid

Side braids is another one of the many braid hairdos for long hair. Just like the traditional braid, you need to divide your hair into three sections and interweave one part with one another. The only difference is your hair should fall on one side of your chest, just like a side pony.

Fishtail braid with side bangs

fishtail braid with  side bangs


Cute  braided hairstyle for long hair

cute braided hairstyle for long hair


Headband braids

If you want a hippie or carefree look, you can go for headband-style miniature braids. For this hairdo you need to take two small sections of hair, one on every side of where your hair parts naturally. Divide each small section into three and interlock each part to come up with a braid. Secure each mini braid with an elastic hair band. You can bring these braids together behind the rest of your hair for a headband look. You can also secure your braids together underneath your ponytailed tresses.

headband braid long hairstyle


5 steps guide on how to make braided headband easy

braided long hairstyle

Messy bun

A carefree, relaxed hairdo is all the rage nowadays, and you can have it by wearing your long hair in a messy bun.

messy two toned bun

Messy side bun

messy side bun

You just need to gather all your hair and twist it up. Arrange your twisted locks in a bun – you can have it on the center or you can take it to the sides. Secure the bun with a ponytail holder or bobby pins. Add pizzazz to your look by putting a barrette on one side of your hair or tucking hair ornaments in your bun.

Long  side pony hairstyle with side bangs

long shairstyle with side bangs