Cute Hair Accessories to Dress Your Hair Up With

Everyone appreciates having a gorgeous ‘do every now and then but when you’re rushing to get dressed up in the morning, sometimes there’s just not much time to do your hair anymore for those fancy and elaborate hairstyles. On those days, it’s always good to have cute hair accessories to dress your hair up with. Using hair accessories is also a great way to add a nice girly touch to your hair on days when you decide to let it just hang loose and take a break from all the hair product and heat from styling tools you usually use. Check out these hair ornaments that will surely have your hair looking all dainty and girly.

  • Bobby pins – bobby pins come in different sizes and colors. Some are plain while others have adorable little trinkets attached to them to make them look a lot fancier. The plain ones are usually the ones you use when you’re creating a hairstyle that needs certain sections held up. The more ornamental ones, on the other hand, are great for keeping hair away from your face when you just want to have your hair down. They also make your look prettier, no matter how simple you have it done.

bobby pin bobby pins

  • Headbands – headbands are another kind of hair accessories that you can use to dress up your hair when you don’t have time for a fancy hairstyle. the best thing about headbands is that they come in a plethora of colors, styles, designs and make. Headbands usually don’t cost that much, too, unless you’re getting the really fancy ones with crystals and all sorts of jewels on them or if you’re getting them from a designer brand. If you’re the crafty kind, you can make your own headbands from all sorts of materials as well.


headband hairstyle

  • Bandana – looking for a hair accessory to dress your hair up with that will give you the perfect street style look? Try putting on a cool bandana. You can wear it lots of ways and you can achieve lots of looks with it too, not just street style. These looks include retro, country, hippie, pinup and more.

bandana bandana hairstyle

  • Floral wreath – if you want a hair accessory that you can use to make your hair look more romantic even without doing anything much to it, just put on a floral wreath and you’re good to go. This kind of hair accessory gives you that fancy dreamy look that’s perfect to go with a nice dress. You can also do loose curls or waves on your hair to really complete the perfect princess-y look.

floral wreath hairstyle floral wreath

  • Hat – wearing a hat is the best way to cover up a bad hair day but you can also wear one even when your tresses are being well-behaved. Different kinds of hats can give you different looks. For example, a baseball cap is the perfect one to wear if you’re aiming for a casual and sporty vibe while a fedora is your best bet if you want something chic and stylish look.

hat hat hairstyle