Cute Hair Jewelry You Should Get Your Hands On

Accessorizing your hair may not be something you often do, especially when you already have it done in some fancy cute hairstyle. When you hear about accessorizing your hair, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is putting on those cutesy clips and bows you used to wear when you were younger. However, that’s not the only way to accessorize. If you like dressing up your hair in a more mature and ladylike way, you should definitely get some hair jewelry. They’re very chic and trendy and they’re totally adorable when worn. Here are some of our favorite hair jewelry that you, too, should get your hands on:

  • Headbands – headbands are often made from either plastic or fiber and you usually wear them as a quick fix to hair getting in to your face on a busy casual day. However, headbands can be worn with dressier ensembles as well. If you’re looking to accessorize your hair with a headband for a more formal look, go for jewel encrusted ones that have a nice, dainty look. You can wear these headbands on their own with a gorgeous dress or you can also use them to dress up a simple hairstyle.

headband with jewels headband

  • Barrettes – a barrette is a simple clip you attach on to your hair to dress it up a little bit. Barrettes that are considered hair jewelry often have big chunky gems as adornments and they’re usually worn with a classic bun or alone on one side of your head to clip bangs in place. Wearing a barrette is a simple but super cute way to add nice detail to your hairstyle.


barrette simple

  • Hair comb – hair combs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to hair jewelry for weddings. In fact, some of the prettiest hair combs used in weddings are vintage which were passed on from generation to generation. They’re often dressed with jewels, pearls and other lovely details. They’re also often worn with buns or chignons which are popular hairstyles for weddings. A hair comb is very easy to put on which makes accessorizing the hair a whole lot easier.

hair comb hair comb with jewels

  • Tiara – now, this is something you wouldn’t really wear with your everyday ordinary outfits but if you’re looking for hair jewelry that can make your look very romantic and elegant, a tiara is definitely the best way to go. You can use tiaras on your hair for very special occasions like a ball, a prom or even for your own wedding. The tiara is sure to make you look like a real life princess.

tiara tiara hair

  • Hair chain – this is one of the hottest trend in hair jewelry right now. Hair chains are often small but long chains made to be worn over the head as an accessory to an existing hairstyle although you can also wear it on its. This would make for a great pick for hair jewelry if you’re trying to pull off an Egyptian / Arabesque kind of look. The hair chain is very simple but it makes your overall look a lot sexier.

hair chain look hair chiancute hair jewelry