Cute Hairstyles With Flowers

Ever since its hit during music festivals, particularly during Coachella, flower crowns have opened a new door to head accessories. Originally, being used by hippies and bohemians decades ago, it has now become part of the accessories fashion trendsetters have in their essentials list. Like any other hippie and bohemian-inspired apparels and accessories that have paraded through the runway and has been accepted as mainstream trends a few seasons ago.

The great thing about flowers is that it gives an instant feminine touch to whatever you’re wearing. This accessory has been around for as long as humanity can remember, since flowers are well…everywhere. Now, a lot of companies have created flower accessories so that it won’t wilt as they do in the olden days.

But how about those ladies who wants to have flowers on their heads but not flower crowns? Flower crowns may, after all, be a little overwhelming and crowded for other people.

You can actually wear floral accessories whatever hairstyle you may wear. And you can even wear flowers to any event or place that you are attending to. Two occasions where girls commonly wear flowers as hair accessories are during a wedding or prom. But now, when we’ve seen them during music festivals, it’s officially an anywhere-anytime accessory.

Here are some cute hairstyles you can wear with flowers in other equally cute ways.

  • Straight or curly hair – Let your hair down and wear a flower hairband or clip gives a refreshing look that’s perfect for spring and summer. And while girls usually curl or wave their hair for an added whimsicality, straight hair–especially those who have stubborn ones that can’t be curled easily–works great too.

whimsical flower hairstyles


cute flower weaved hairstyle

straight hair flower


straight hair flower headband

  • Half-dos – Half-dos are hairdos that uses, you guessed it, half of your hair only. Most commonly, the upper half of your hair along with your apex and the crown. Getting a section of your hair on either side of your face and tying them together at the back of your head is an example of half-do. A great place to put your flower adornment is on that part where the two sections are brought together. You can also put tiny flower accessories along the sections.

braid with flowers


half do hairstyle flower pearl headpiece

  • Updos and down-dos – These are hairdos where your entire hair is used, whether placed on top of your head or by the nape of your neck or somewhere in the middle. You can put the flowers on the place where your hair is gathered. Making it a little messy will also add for a more organic and whimsical look.

hairstyle with red rose


cute little flower hairstyle


flower jewelry hairstyle



  • Ponytail – For those who can only whip their hair up in ponytail. No worries! Flowers can give a little festive and dressier look to your otherwise ordinary hairstyle. For an even more pretty result, tie your hair into a side ponytail, curl the edges and leave a few short wisps of hair to frame your face.

side ponytail flowers hairstyle

retro big flowers hairstyle

  • Braided hairstyles – Basically, any braided hairstyles are great for some floral adornment. They’re like a match made in heaven! Braids give an already feminine touch to your beloved locks. And flowers adds to it beautifully. The key here is to find a balance of not overwhelming your hair with flowers or lacking to much that it doesn’t really have an impact.

hairstyle with flower

rapunzel braid