Cute Micro Braids Hairstyles

Unlike other kinds of braids that are easy to do like French braids and fishtail braids, doing micro braids on someone else’s hair is a long and tedious task and doing it on yourself is almost impossible. Micro braids are so difficult to do because you need to be precise with every move you make, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again. Most micro braids hairstyles cover the entire head which is another reason why it takes so long to do.

Originally and most commonly, you’ll see micro braids on a lot of African or African-American women. Celebrities of these race are also often spotted with their hairs in micro braids just like Beyonce, Ciara, and Alicia Keys but there are also those who aren’t really African-American, like Christina Aguilera, but still get their hair done in micro braids because this particular hairstyle is very cute. Micro braids aren’t exactly the easiest to maintain but it’s perfect if you want a hairstyle that you can keep for a long time without much touch ups.

Alicia Keys having micro braids makes her pretty face pop

Alicia Keys full micro braids

Christina Aguilera spiced up her micro braids with glitter and color strands

Christina Aguilera Color Beaded Micro braids

Micro braids are done by braiding small sections of the hair into tight little pieces. Before having micro braids done, it’s always best to make sure that you washed and conditioned well and you let your hair air dry. Micro braids can cause tension and stress to individual hair strands which is why it is advised that you get your hair washed and conditioned fresh every three months before you have your braids readjusted.

Micro braids are very pretty, especially on long hair

long micro braids

Although micro braids already seem like a hairstyle that would stand out on its own, there are a lot more things you can do with them. There are also a lot of hairstyles that incorporate micro braids in them. One would be corn rows which are micro braids laid flat on the head, attached to the scalp. These are very tight micro braids and may cause you a bit of pain while getting it done but the result you get will be extremely unique and beautiful. You can have your hairstylist do a pattern you desire using corn rows on your head, too.

You can get beads and other accessories incorporated in your braids to make it more interesting

micro braids with beads

Corn rows on the entire head

full braided cornrows

Micro twists are almost like micro braids except for the fact that this style uses on two tiny subsections instead of three. This style will create sections of hair that look like thin ropes when done.

Micro twists are very much like micro braids

micro twist braids

If you think the only thing you can do when you have micro braids is to let your hair down, think again. You can always put your micro braids in a pony tail but the tightness of the braids might restrict you when it comes to deciding how high the pony tail is going to be. Of course, if you can put your braids up in a ponytail that means you can also gather them in a bun!

A full-head micro braid bun

bridal micro braids hairstyle

One sided micro braids hairstyle

one sided micro braids hairstyle

Micro braids can also look great for romantic updos. Because of the texture that your hair gets from micro braids, putting it up in a romantic updo and adding little feminine details will give you a fantastic outcome.

Beautiful micro braids

long braids

There are lots more that you can do with micro braids, just make sure you take good care of your mane to keep them from getting brittle and weak.

Yarn braids

white girl yarn braids

Micro braids can also be done on short hair

micro braids on short hair