5 Cute Updos for Any Occasion

Any girl who has ever had long hair would know how difficult it can be sometimes to manage it. When you’re out and about, the last thing you would want to have is hair being blown all over your face. You’ll also want to not have hair all over you when it’s too hot or when your picture is being taken or when you want your face to stand out. The answer to all these dilemmas is, of course, to put your hair up in a nice updo. Cute updos often look complicated and difficult to make but when you see and understand how it’s done, you’ll be surprised to know how easy some updos are, no matter how fancy they look once done.

If you are not much of a creative person when it comes to hair, perhaps you’ll find hair tutorials on Youtube very helpful. These are the best visual aids that you can get since the Youtube ‘gurus’ will give you a step by step tutorial of how a certain updo is done. Some of the best Youtube gurus when it comes to hair tutorials are Itsjudytime and bebexo.

Cute bow updo

bow hair updo

Paris Hilton’s hair looks terrific in this elegant braided updo

Paris Hilton simple elegant updo

The simplest, most basic updo you can do to your hair is the bun. You might want to dampen your hair a little bit before you do the bun so that your layers don’t stick out as much later. Now, to make a bun, all you need to do is gather your hair up and tie it in a ponytail using a thin elastic band then when your hair is up, twist it into a tight rope and wrap it around the base and you have your bun! It’s that easy and you can make your bun as high or as low as you like.

A low bun is ideal when you don’t want your ponytail from hitting your face or your back

low ballerina bun

Ballerinas always wear their hairs in buns

tight ballerina bun

Another cute updo you can do is the braided side bun and this is perfect for a casual day out or a lunch date. To do this updo, gather your hair to one side, braid it with either a regular or inverted French braid and tie it once you reach the ends. Then, take your hair and form a base and wrap your braid around that base. Secure the braided bun with bobby pins. You can pin a flower or any other accessory in the middle to give it a more romantic and feminine twist.

The braided side bun is a perfect choice for a laid back wedding hairstyle

romantic side bun updo

Taylor Swift’s messy but chic braided updo turns out really romantic

Taylor swift braided updo

The crown braid is a very cute updo that’s perfect for when you want a hairstyle that would go well with a dressier outfit. To do this, part your hair into two equal sections and braid each one until you reach the end. Once you’ve reached the end of your hair with a braid, tie it with an elastic band and bring the braid over your head to the back of your ear and secure it with bobby pins. Do this to the other braid, too, and your crown braid is done.

The crown braid looks so complicated but it’s really easy

crown braid updo

Blake Lively’s hairstyle looks like a partial crown braid

blake lively messy braided updo

With all of these updos, you have the option to make them as loose or as tight as you want. We suggest you go for a tight updo for a more formal look and a loose, messy one for a casual look.

Use a bandana as a headband to add swag to your regular bun

cute scarf updo

Jessica Alba wears her hair in a modern French twist