Cute Ways to Style a Bob

While many women wait patiently for their hair to grow, a lot are becoming more fashion forward and keeping their hair short in stylish bobs. While long hair lets you do more and experiment with different hairstyles, it can be difficult to maintain. You’ll have to use lots of products to keep it healthy and luscious looking and you will also have to go for some treatments every now and then if you want to keep its shine; all of which can be very expensive and even impossible on a very very tight budget. That’s what’s wonderful about getting a bob. It’s easy to maintain, you use less amount of product so you buy less often and the most that you’ll need to maintain it is a trim every now and then which you can do on your own. If you’re sporting a bob or planning on getting one, here are some cute ways to style a bob:

  • Parted and tucked on one side – this is the easiest way to style a bob and you can do it with any bob cut whether it’s asymmetrical straight or a grown out bob. Simply part your hair to one side and then tuck your hair behind the ears on the other side. It’s very simple yet the outcome is super stylish and effortlessly chic. it gives off a very feminine vibe, too. You can use a bobby pin or a clip to secure the hair tucked behind your ear if you have thick hair.

tucked tucked bob

  • Bob cut with bangs – if you’ve been sporting a bob for quite some time now and you’re looking for a way to change up your looks without growing your hair or adding extensions, the simplest and quickest way to do is to get bangs cut in your hair. You can go for full bangs that are either full or wispy or you can also go for side fringes, it all depends on which one would flatter your face shape and features best.


bangs on bob

  • Bob with a headband – since there are not that many hairstyles that you can do with a bob cut, save for a grown out bob which lets you do simple half updos, a headband would really be very useful to women who have this cut. Wearing a headband is a great way to add something gorgeous on your hair. You can choose from a wide array of styles and designs depending on when and where you are wearing it to.

headband hippie style headbands for bob

  • Retro bob cut – want something classic and glamorous? Why not try going for a retro bob? You can achieve this by doing finger waves on your hair and adding some cute pin up curls. Of course, you can make your look more vintage inspired by doing a bright red lip and simple makeup. This is a fantastic way to add a touch of old world glam to your looks anytime.

retro retro bob

  • Wavy bob – because a bob is very short, it can often look body less. One great way to add body, volume and amazing texture to your hair is to add waves to it. Relaxed and loose waves are perfect if you want something chic and casual.

wavy bob wavy bob hair