Dark Hair Color Ideas

Beautiful Dark hair color ideas for you

Hair in a deep, dark shade is considered sleek and sexy. It’s easy to manage, and the dye doesn’t wash off easily in comparison to other hair hues. You can also do a lot of things with your dark hair, such as adding highlights of different shades. If you want to change your blonde or red hair, then here are dark hair color ideas for you to choose from.

jet black hair


Jet black. Ebony-colored hair is considered luxurious. If you want to a great hair color with low maintenance, then this shade is what you need. Black hair works with most complexions – from alabaster white to sunny olive. You can also style it in a number of cuts, from the super short pixie do to the elegant layered locks. Garnier Nutrisse Cream is one famous label which produces a black hair dye.

Dark Brown hair

dark brown hair

Ombre. Ombre hair is one of the most famous dark hair color ideas, gaining celebrity advocates such as Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker. Ombre hair is characterized by dark hair originating from the roots, getting lighter to the tips. Professional hairstylists advise women who want to have ombre locks to have it done at the salon instead of doing it themselves, because they risk coming up with chemically mistreated locks.

ombre hair

Balayage. Balayage is another great dark hair color idea. It was popularized in Paris in the 1970’s. Several decades later, it made a comeback, and now it’s more popular than ever. With this style, the colors of ombre are reversed, meaning that the root of the hair has a darker color, while the tips have lighter ones. Celebrities who have been spotted with Balayage locks include Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz.

bronde hair color

Bronde. This dark hair color idea, again, will give you the best of both worlds – this time it’s brunette and blonde. Popularized by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen in 2007, Bronde locks have gained thousands of adoring fans from all over the world. With this dark hair color idea, several top layers of hair are dyed with blonde. This technique gives your locks the dimension and depth that you have always wanted.

Mila Kunis – Brown hair with subtle caramel highlights

brown hair with  caramel highlights Mila Kunis

Healthy looking , beautiful Shiny dark brow hair

shiny dark brown hair

Reddish brown hair

reddish brown hair

Chestnut brown. With this dark hair color idea you can have the best of both worlds – black and red. If you like your facial features to stand out, then this dark hue is what you need.For best results, use the L’Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif in Chestnut Brown, or Clairol Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry.

Purple highlights in dark hair

purple highlights in black hair

Two tone Black hair with red tips

black hair with red tips

Dark hair with pink and purple streaks

dark hair with pink and purple streaks