Different Hairstyles of Rihanna

Are you looking for great hairstyles of your favorite artists? Well, Rihanna surely has done several hairstyles that captured the eyes of many because of being stylish, sexy and sometimes very unique. Who have worn their hair in more ways than Rihanna did? No one. To get started discovering the hairstyle that you need, you need to discover Rihanna’s hairstyles over her singing career. Know which of Rihanna’s hair match your hair texture, face shape and hair density.


This Rihanna’s hair is a casual style with a one-sided undercut to make the monotonous shoulder length hair more sophisticated. Getting this Rihanna hairstyle may fit those who are adventurous for fashion and style, but won’t match you if you go for conventional haircuts because of the undercut on one side.

Rihanna Undercut hairstyle

Medium wavy hairstyle

Rihanna shocked the onlookers of the Grammy Awards this 2012 with these golden locks at medium length. This hairstyle gives fullness and bounce and it is also a layered haircut to suit women with long face.

Rihanna Golden locks

Red Hair

Rihanna is also one of the artists that look great on red hair among only a few of them. Rihanna had several red hairstyles from short to long and from wavy to curly. Rihanna red hairstyles also became a hit among her fans so if you have the guts to wear brilliantly red hair, these may be the right ones for you.

Rihanna red hairstyles

The Kinky red hair below were one of the shocking hairstyles Rihanna has ever worn.

Rihanna red hairstyle

From long to short and straight to curly, Rihanna has never failed to color her hair red.

Rihanna long and short red hairstyle

Bob hairstyle

Rihanna has also worn her hair on different lengths from very long ones to short Rihanna bob hairstyles. Maybe bob hairstyles are Rihanna’s favourite because she was seen on several events with her short, sexy hair.

The sleek  bob hairstyles of Rihanna fits small faces best. Rihanna bob hair cuts

A pointed hairstyle and a clean finish are also ways to have your hair like Rihanna’s short hairstyle.

Rihanna bob hair

You can also wear your short hair curly or straight.

Rihanna bob hairstyles

Rihanna’s New hairstyle

This year, Rihanna has shown several hairstyles from the golden locks in Grammy Awards last February. During her appearance in Japan last April, she was seen wearing her previously golden locks to this black, shaved hair on the sides.

Rihanna New Hairstyle

In July 2012, Rihanna used this touched down hair at her grandmother’s burial.

Rihanna new hairstyles

Just recently this month, Rihanna was seen wearing her super short, shaved hair that was the shortest of all her hairstyles during her performance at the VMAs.

Rihanna’s haircuts are truly unique and she is able to carry these several hairstyles better than anybody who is seated with the comfort of their usual or conventional hairstyle. If you are bold and risky as Rihanna, these hairstyles can be one of your choices.