Different Kinds of Bangs and Ways to Wear Them

Bangs are perhaps one of the easiest ways to give your look a fresh new spin. If you’ve been sporting the same hairstyle for a long time and you want something new that you can add to your looks, simply add bangs to see an instant transformation. There are different kinds of bangs and each one flatters and complements certain face shapes best. Here are some of the different kinds of bangs you might want to try and some cool ways to wear them:

CLASSIC BANGS – classic bags are cut straight across, usually landing atop the eyebrows. This type of bangs suits almost all face shapes though it works for round faces best. Throughout the years, hairstylists have found new ways to wear the classic bangs. Here are some of the tweaks and modification made for wearing classic bangs:

  • Blunt and full – this is very much like the classic except that extra effort is put in to make the bangs appear fuller and rounder. Many like to use a rounded brush while blow drying their bangs to achieve this effect.

blunt bangs blunt

  • Short – women with oval shaped faces look a lot better with short classic bangs that fall way above the eyebrows than those that fall atop. This style shows more face and somehow creates the illusion of a rounder, more balanced facial shape.

short bangs

  • V-shaped – not a lot of women go for V-shaped bangs because they tend to look too edgy but for those who are looking for something unique that will add a nice sophisticated and fashion forward edge to their looks, it’s the perfect way to wear classic bangs. Women with bold personalities who like making statements will surely love wearing their bangs like this.

v shaped bangs

  • Wispy – if you want bangs that aren’t too heavy and full – looking, you can wear your bangs wispy. This style is much more lighter and softer and is perfect for women who have longer facial shapes like oval or heart-shaped. It’s the perfect way to wear your bangs if your hair is wavy or loosely curly.

wispy bangs wispy

SIDE SWEPT BANGS ­– side swept bangs are also called fringes and they are a more modern take on the classic bangs. Instead of being cut straight across, side swept bangs are cut in an asymmetrical manner in a diagonal shape which starts short and progresses to longer strands. Here are some ways on how to wear side swept bangs:

  • Sleek – sleek side swept bangs can be achieved best with hair that is deeply parted on one side. This style lets you wear your bangs in a very polished way. The change in length from one side to the other does not vary much and it almost looks like classic bangs except that they are kept only on one side.

sleek side swept side swept sleek

  • Long – if you want bangs but not the obvious kind, you can always go for long side swept fringes. This style is cut to look like it’s a shorter layer of your hair and works and blends very well with layered hair.

side swept long side swept long bangs