Disney Princess Inspired Hairstyles You Should Recreate

Sometimes, no matter how many hairstyle you know, you still get tired of the things you’re so used to doing and you just want to try something new. When you play with your hair a lot, though, you may run out of ideas quickly. Good thing there are so many fancy hairstyles from Disney princesses we can take inspiration from. What I like about Disney is that their princesses are super pretty and they always have gorgeous hair. Every princess has her own unique style and that style is finished off with a cute hairstyle that’s actually very doable in real life. If you’re running out of ideas on what to do with your hair or if you’re simply bored and want to try a new hairstyle, check out these Disney princess inspired hairstyles you should recreate. You’ll find the tutorials on YouTube as well.


  • Princess Merida from Brave – Merida’s personality is wild and so are the curls on her fierce red hair. To get the look, you don’t necessarily have to dye your hair red. You just need to have hair elastics, gel or mousse and a lot of patience as this hairstyle takes overnight to make. Take small sections of your hair, twist them and coil into small buns all over your head, secure with elastics (and bobby pins if needed) and sleep. Release your mini buns in the morning and reveal gorgeous exotic curls like that of Princess Merida! You can make it even bigger, messier and curlier by touching up with a curling wand.

bold red merida hair cute merida hair recreation

  • Princess Jasmine from Aladdin – Jasmine’s hair is super voluminous and the hairstyle she wears in the movie is really simple yet so beautiful. To get the same look, make sure to pack on the volume to your hair by using volumizing products and backcombing your hair until it gets fluffy and big then put on a headband and do a sectioned ponytail. How many sections you can do will depend on how long your hair is and how far apart the sections are.

princess jasmine hairdo

wearable jasmine hair

  • Cinderella – if you’re looking for an elegant and classy updo, you can take inspiration from Cinderella’s hair when she was all dolled up for the ball. Cinderella’s updo has a bit of a retro / vintage vibe to it, too, If you’re wondering what kind of updo Cinderella sports, it’s a French twist chignon with lots of volume on the crown as well as full bangs. She also has a headband that matches her dress to finish off her hairstyle. This hairstyle, to me, is very princess-y and I think it’s perfect as a bridal ‘do.

cinderella role play hair cinderella hair how to

  • Rapunzel from Tangled – got über long hair? You might as well be Rapunzel, the princess who was locked away in a tower and never got a haircut. If you picture Rapunzel solely from the book, all you’ll know is that she has insanely long hair but if you’ve watched the movie Tangled, you’ll see how Rapunzel’s hair was done in a chunky braid by children who skipped rope with it while she was on the loose with Flint. Her hair was also adorned with lovely flowers and I think this is one look you can recreate for spring. We also have a picture of the plain version, in case you don’t like flowers on your hair.

rapunzel chunky braid unadorned rapunzel hair

  • Queen Elsa from Frozen – The new Queen of Arendelle, Elsa, seems to be everyone’s favorite at the moment so why not take the time to recreate her fierce and icy look? Elsa’s hair is platinum blonde and braided. To get the look, pack lots of volume on to your hair and braid it. Pull out on the braids to make them look a bit puffier then pull out a tiny section up top for bangs.

queen elsa braid elsa inspired braided hair