Dry Shampoo 101: Tips for Using Dry Shampoo More Efficiently

Washing your hair everyday keeps it clean but it really isn’t that necessary and a lot of hair experts have stopped recommending you to wash your hair with shampoo daily because it strips your hair of its natural oils which help keep your hair moisturized. In fact, there has been a movement / trend going on lately called the No ‘Poo movement and if you’ve been on the “No ‘Poo” movement or are planning on getting on it, you’ve probably already heard about using dry shampoo as an alternative to washing your hair with regular shampoo. Dry shampoo has been dubbed by many as the miracle powder but how do you exactly use it? Check out these tips for using dry shampoo more efficiently and more effectively as well.

  • Go easy on the spray – Dry shampoo often comes in pressurized spray bottles so what comes out is fine mist that you can distribute all over your hair. However, try not to get too heavy-handed and spray too much in one area as this can lead to a spot full of powder on your hair, especially when you have dark hair. Go light and easy on the spray and make sure you get a bit of product on each area instead on concentrating on just one and then trying to spread it from there.

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  • Practice on days when you don’t have to go out – second day hair (or beyond) can be quite oily so if you’re new to using dry shampoo, try to practice using it on your hair on days when you don’t have to go out so you have time to fix any mistakes you may commit. Don’t play around with it on days when you have something or somewhere important to go to like a meeting or a date unless you want to look like a total weirdo sporting powdery white locks.

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  • Try to find a dry shampoo to match your hair color – dry shampoo used to be convenient for blondes and a little trickier for women with dark hair simply because the product is usually white so it tends to show up more on dark hair. Today, though, there are dry shampoos that are made for other hair colors as well so if you’re not blonde, try to look for dry shampoos made to match your hair color or at least come close to it.

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  • Work on a technique you’re comfy with – using dry shampoo correctly and efficiently can take some time but be patient and try to work on finding a technique that works for you. The instructions on the labels can be a bit too vague to work for just about everyone so try to develop your technique as you go.

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  • Give it time to work – one of the most common mistakes that I see a lot of dry shampoo users make is that they immediately brush their hair to distribute the product. By doing this, you are not giving the product enough time to work. Spray on your dry shampoo, leave it for 3 to 5 minutes and then brush it out. This way, the product has enough time to absorb the oil from your hair.

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