Easy and Fast to Do Updos

We all have those days when we just got so tired from the night before that we need to sleep through the alarm in the morning only to find out later that you have about 20 minutes to get yourself ready before you head on out the door. This is such a beauty and fashion crisis for a lot of women. With 20 minutes, you get about 10 minutes for your hygiene routine and 5 minutes for makeup which leaves you another 5 minutes for doing your hair. 5 minutes! You ask yourself “What in the world can I do with my hair in 5 minutes?” Well, a lot actually. There are so many stylish hairstyles that you can do to your hair within 5 minutes. Here are some of the best easy and fast to do updos that you can create any time you’re in a hurry:

  • The retro fishtail updo – who would have ever thought that the simple and humble fishtail braid could evolve into something so chic and sophisticated that it looks like it was done for a full hour or more in a salon by a professional hairstylist? The retro fishtail updo is super easy to do, you can literally do it in 5 minutes or less. All you do is do is make a looped ponytail and braid the ends into a fishtail then loop the braid and secure with a bobby pin. Voila! You now have this super cute hairstyle that you can wear all day.

retro fishtail

  • The secret fuller ponytail – if you have thin hair with lacking layers, you know that a nice, full ponytail can be difficult to achieve. Sometimes, you end up with a ponytail that look limp, lifeless and body less or sometimes your layers act up and all you get is one messy blob. The secret to achieving a fuller and longer ponytail is to do two ponytails – one at the bottom like a low ponytail and one at the top. This creates longer layers and a fuller body for your ponytail.

secret secret ponytail hair


  • Low side bun – if you’re looking for an easy and fast to do hairstyle that you can wear with something more feminine and dressy, a low side bun is definitely worth giving a shot. This hairstyle looks very girly and romantic and it’s one of those chic hairstyles that can easily be worn from morning to night. It’s very much similar to creating a regular bun except that it’s placed at the side, usually behind the ear, instead of at the back of the head.  Do this with deep side parted hair for an added sexy twist.
low side bun hairstyle
low side bun hairstyle

low side bun hairstyle low side bun hairstyle

  • Braid and tuck – this one is super easy to do but the finished product is so elegant and luxurious-looking. All you do is section your hair into four parts, braid each section and then pin each section individually on to the back of your head, making sure to tuck one under the other to achieve a flawless finish. You can wear this one with dressy outfits, too, just like the low side bun.

 braided updo braid and tuck