Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Impromptu Holiday Parties

Now that the holidays have officially started, it’s going to be one party after the other again. Some parties will be planned and will give you lots of time to prepare but there will always be those days when someone will just invite you during the last minute, sometimes right after you’ve had a long day at work. You might think of not going just because you already look exhausted and your hair is worn out but don’t! A little touch up will make you look refreshed in no time and we’ve got some quick and easy hairstyle tutorials for you that you can do in just a few minutes right on your desk or inside the powder room. These hairstyles are sure to make you look pretty and chic in a cinch PLUS most, if not all, of the things you need are probably going to be in your purse or makeup pouch.

  • The braided bun – wearing something dressy? That’s easy. Why not wear your hair in a classy and elegant braided bun? Here’s how you can do it without much trouble: comb your hair and part it into several sections ( 3 to 5 would do but if you have thick hair, you can go up to 7 sections) and braid them individually. Secure your braids with an elastic and start coiling them one by one into a bun. use bobby pins to secure each coil.

braided bun braided bun hair

  • Half up bow – this hairstyle is super easy though it may look complicated at first. All you have to do is take 2 sections of hair from each side and tie into a half up ponytail but don’t let the tail out all the way. Keep about ¾ of it and it should leave you with a bump. Part the bum in half. Secure each half with a ponytail and loop the remaining ends in the middle. Your bow is ready!

half up bow

half up bow hair

  • Braided headband – looking for something to keep hair away from your face? You should definitely go for a braided headband. Simply take small sections of hair from each side behind the ear and braid then pull the braids over to the opposite side, tuck behind the ears and secure with a bobby pin. You can make as many braids on each side as you like, depending on how thick you want the headband to be.

braided headband braided headband hair

  • Knotted ponytail – if you ever get invited to a casual party and don’t want to look overly prepared nor unprepared, go for a simple ponytail with a twist! The knotted ponytail is a quick and easy but fabulous way to dress up your ponytail. All you have to do is gather your hair on the side where you want your ponytail to be,  part it in half and start tying a knot using your hair. Do 2 knots for a more secure hairstyle then secure it in place with an elastic closest to the color of your hair.

knotted ponytail knotted ponytail hair

  • Messy chignon – want a hairstyle that’s chic and elegant but not too sleek and polished? Why not try a messy chignon? Just do a side fishtail braid, secure with an elastic, pull out to loosen and then coil into a low bun. That’s how easy it is!

modern chignon messy chignon hair