Easy hairstyles for long hair

easy hairstyles for long hair Stylish and Easy hairstyles for long hair

Having long hair gives you the freedom to play with different cuts, looks, and hairstyles. With long hair, the ways you can style your hair can be endless. If you’re tired with the same old look, here are some easy hairstyle ideas which can help transform from drab to fab in just a few minutes’ time:

Cute curls

Miley-Cyrus-Long-curly -Wavy-Hairstyle

Layered long hair is   the the must for this type of hairstyle.


If you want to look sexy and feminine, then adding curls to your long hair is the way to go. After washing your hair, you need to use a blow your hair out. Add body by using a big brush.

easy hairstyle for very  long hair

Once your hair is dry, divide your hair in four sections. Take one section and apply a heat-protecting hair formulation before wrapping one section around a curling iron. Brush the curled hair gently to keep the shape.

easy wavy hairstyles-for-long -hair

Apply hairspray to keep your curls from straightening out. This look is best for women with heart-shaped, oval-shaped, square-shaped and long-shaped faces.

Smooth and straight

smooth and straight  brown hair

Of course, one of the best ways to wear your long hair is to let it be – smooth and sleek. Although you can achieve this look without much fuss, you can further improve your look to avoid flyaway hair. After washing your hair, blow it out and style with a big brush.

megan-fox-long-hair and hot pink dress

Apply smoothing serum and some hairspray to have a polished look. You can also use a straightening iron, but don’t use it every day as it can damage your hair in the long run. This hairstyle is perfect for all types of face shapes.

Live ‘loose’

natural long  blonde hairstyle

Before, messy hairstyles are considered ugly and unkempt. But now, a loose long hairstyle is considered sexy and low-maintenance. To make this style, apply body-giving mousse on damp strands before drying them out.

Angelina Jolie long hairstyle

Once you have dried your hair, take a portion of your locks and secure it to the back with a barrette or bobby pins.

Beautiful bun

Bun hairstyle  for long hair

If you want to look beautiful without getting all of your hair in the way, then what you need to do is go for a beautiful bun. This low-key hairstyle is easy to do.

cute messy bun

Two toned hairdo for long hair

two toned hairdo for long hair

You just need to blow dry your hair and take the bulk of your tresses to one side. Wrap your hair in a low ponytail and coil it around to make a bun. Keep the bun in place with bobby pins. You can also apply hairspray to keep your baby hairs from peeking out.