Easy Quick Fix for Bad Hair Days

A bad hair day is one of the worst nightmares any girl can have, not just because it’s not a very pretty sight but also because they always seem to happen whenever we have something important planned for the day like a date, a job interview, an event to attend and other similar stuff AND when we don’t have much time to wash our hair and fix it. Take a look at some of our favorite quick fixes for bad hair days below.

  • Wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun – perhaps this is the simplest and easiest quick fix to a bad hair day that you can do when you’re pressed for time. Gathering your hair and putting it up in a ponytail gives you a much better and more well put together appearance. Also, the ponytail is such a classic and versatile hairstyle so you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not it would go with your overall look. A bun is an alternative hairstyle you can wear in case you find a ponytail too plain. Just like the ponytail, a bun will look good with any look you will try to pull off.

ponytail ponytail or bun

  • Wear a hat – for less formal and dressy events on days when you’re experiencing a bad hair day, wearing a hat is a sure shot fix. Of course, you’d have to choose a hat that would suit your outfit well. A baseball hat would really look cute with a casual or sporty outfit while a fedora or a wide-brimmed sun hat is great for more girly look. Rainy days are also a great excuse to cover up a bad hair day using a hat.

hat outfit


  • Use dry shampoo – if your bad hair day problem includes oily hair, the problem might be that your hair is too dirty. No time to shower? That’s fine; you can use a dry shampoo instead. Spray dry shampoo on your hair in sections to avoid getting that chalky residue that a lot of non-blonde girls dread. Spray in on all sections and when you’re done, start combing your hair. You’ll notice that your hair will feel less oilier and a lot fresher.

dry shampoo dry shampoo fix

  • Slather on hair gel – this quick fix for bag hair day works best for short hairstyles like pixies and short bobs. If your hair is sticking in all directions, slather on a generous amount of gel on to your hair and start messing it around to get a sexy and edgy tousled hair look. A slicked back look is something you can create for longer hair. You can also style your short hair into something cool like a faux hawk using hair gel.

gel faux hawk gel slicked back hair

  • Heat it up – unruly hair may be very stubborn but when you start exposing it to heat, you’ll notice that it becomes easier to style and manage. If, one day, you wake up with wild and exotic looking hair, just take any hair styling tool that uses heat (curling iron / wand, hair straightener, crimping iron) and heat your hair up into style. This will leave you with the sexy kind of messy hair.

heat wavy hair