Fake Short Hairstyles that Will Let You Keep Your Long Hair

Some people prefer having long hair because it makes them feel more beautiful and feminine and, I gotta admit, I’m one of those people. Just as with everything else, though, having long hair comes with its own disadvantages as well. Upkeep and maintenance, for one, is more expensive and more tedious when you have long hair than when you have short hair. Styling and managing is a little more challenging as well, especially when you’re on the go and you don’t want hair getting on your face and everywhere else. But then again, you wouldn’t want to lose it all and go for the chop, would you? For those of you who have this dilemma, check out these fake short hairstyles that will let you keep your long hair.

  • FAUX BOB – the faux bob is getting so much attention today, why not try it out yourself? This hairstyle is perfect for when you’re contemplating on getting a bob but aren’t sure whether or not it would look good on you. It sort of gives you a ‘glimpse’ of how you would look like with a bob without having to cut off an inch from your long locks. Click here for a tutorial on how to create your own faux bob. To make your faux bob look natural, give our hair some loose waves before starting. It would also look really natural if you have long layers in front.

cute faux bob gorgeous faux bob faux bob how to

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  • PINNED UNDER WITH LAYERS – here’s a great hairstyle for those of you who have long hair and short layers (because we all know that combo can be a little challenging to handle at times). This look is perfect if you just want the majority of your long locks made short (without cutting it) and jut have the short layers hanging. Here’s a tutorial by That’s Heart from YouTube on how to get this look.

cute layered hairstyle messy faux long bob midlayered hairstyle wavy layered hair midlength layers

  • FAUXHAWK UPDO – the faux hawk is a really cool and edgy hairstyle but we know not everyone is open to having their heads shaved so why not fake the look instead? One of the best ways to get the fauxhawk look is to use braids but you can also use little buns if you don’t want braids. Click here and here for some really easy tutorials on how to do a rad fauxhawk updo.

braided faux hawk braided fauxhawk cool faux hawk updo elegant fauxhawk updo messy faux hawk updo

  • PIN CURLS – if you love retro glam, I’m sure you’ll love doing pin curls. Pin curls are perfect for creating the illusion of short hair as well. Now, the ‘proper’ way to do pin curls can be a bit tedious and messy so here’s a video tutorial for you showing a quicker way to do it.  All those big curls are going to pull your hair up, making your hair look shorter.

christina aguilera retro pin curls retro pin curls pin curls