How to Make 4 Different Kinds of Flower Hair Accessories

Flower hair accessories are very pretty and feminine. Whether you have big ones or small ones sitting on your hair, you’re sure to look gorgeous with flower accessories on your hair. You can find some really cute flower hair accessories at boutiques and even at department stores like Wal-mart and Target and they are not very expensive either. In fact, you can get a whole pack for a little over $7.

However, the flower hair accessories that you can find from these stores will not always be in the same size or formation that you would ideally want them to be. There may also be specific designs that you would want to have but would not be able to find in these stores. So, as a solution to this dilemma, why not make your own flower hair accessories instead?

 DIY flower headbands are very easy to make and are ideal for romantic hairdos
simple flower headband

Even fake plastic flowers look good when gathered in a wreath for the hair

plastic flower wreath

One flower hair accessory you can make is a flower headband. You have the choice to either make a simple flower headband or one that’s big enough to be called a head piece. In order to make this kind of flower hair accessory, you will need a blank headband base. Choose your blank headband depending on your hair color to make it more natural-looking. If you have black hair, choose a black one, if you’re blond then choose one that’s yellow or brown and so on. You will also need a plastic flower of your choice. If you want to make a lot of different flower hair accessories, you can buy a bunch of assorted plastic flowers from Home Depot or even from Hobby Lobby or at the Dollar Store. Once you have your headband base, use hot glue to attach the flower of your choice on the headband. You can cover the entire headband with small flowers or you can also just put a big one on one side and add little accents like beads and rhinestones.

There are many ways to customize your flower headband like adding other items aside from the flower

bohemian flower head band

You can also use a stretchable band to use as the base for your flower headband

big pretty flower headband

Another flower hair accessory you can do is a flower hair clip. There are a two options for this one. The first option you have is to take fake baby’s breath flowers that have wires in the stem and twist the stem around a bobby pin so that the main flower design is at the end of the bobby pin. The next option is to use a snap hair clip or an alligator hair clip and glue the fake flower of your choice at the end.

Flower hair clips are a quick way to make a simple hairdo look feminine and elegant

silk flower hair clip

Clip a pretty flower on your hair to make it look more romantic

flower wedding hair piece

If you are creative, you can make flowers out of anything like fabric and beads.  These flower appliqués can then be glued on to any hair accessory of your choice to make it more feminine.

A simple wedding hairstyle will look gorgeous with a beaded flower comb

wedding hairdo with flower comb

Crochet your own flower headband for a more unique hair piece

crocheted flower headband

Lastly, of course, you have the option to use fresh flowers for your hair. This is perfect if you’re doing your hair in a romantic hairdo. You can simply make yourself a wreath of fresh flowers by attaching them on a soft wires or a band that’s measured to fit your head. The simple yet classy single flower tucked behind the ear will, of course, never go out of style. Using fresh flowers on your hair is perfect for luaus and weddings.

Fresh flowers are perfect for completing any summer or spring look

fresh flower wreath for hair

Tuck a flower behind your ear for an instant ‘Hawaiian girl’ look

fresh flower behind ear