Food for the Hair: How to Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

If you’ve been suffering from hair loss, hair breakage, hair damage or any other hair issues or if you’re having a problem growing your hair then chances are that you aren’t eating enough of the foods that contain nutrients for healthy hair. Your hair’s health is very much dependent on your diet. What you eat will affect your hair’s growth and strength. Check out our list of food for hair: a guide on how to eat your way to healthy hair.

  • Zinc – zinc is one of the most crucial nutrients you hair needs for it to grow strong and long. Inadequacy of zinc in your diet could lead to very poor hair health. Make sure you get your daily dose of zinc by consuming foods like seeds, nuts, oysters and lentils. You can also try taking zinc supplements if your diet restricts the consumption of such foods. Getting the right amount of zinc every day puts you at a lower risk for premature hair loss which is a common problem for both men and women.

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  • Protein – most part of your hair is made of protein and consuming less than the recommended amount of this every day can lead to seriously weak and damaged hair. Protein is considered as the building blocks of life and the production of healthy muscles, nails and hair. To get the right amount of protein, try incorporating more foods like eggs, nuts, seeds, lentils and fish into your daily diet. Not only will you have healthier hair when you get the right amount of protein, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to build muscles much easier too and your nails will become stronger as well.

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  • Vitamin C – this is actually something that a lot of us should be taking on a daily basis through pills or tablets because it’s good for our immune system but a lot of us take it for granted and remember to take it only when they feel a cold coming on. Vitamin C not only functions as an immune system booster but triggers the growth of nails and hair as well. You can fill up on your vitamin C needs by eating fruits like cherries, lemons, limes, blueberries, broccoli, oranges and grapefruit in case you aren’t keen on taking the pills or tablets.

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  • Iron – you may think iron is only good for people who are anemic but the truth is that iron can also help you get long and healthy hair. The reason behind this is that iron is the nutrient that helps carries oxygen to the cells and this is crucial for growth and regeneration. A lot of people believe that the best sources of iron are meat products but foods like mollusks (mussels, oysters, clams), nuts, squash, pumpkin seeds and liver are far better sources of this nutrient.

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  • Sulfur – not a lot has been said about this nutrient being good for the hair but it actually is a very important mineral that you should consume if you want to get healthier hair. In fact, sulfur is not only good for the hair but for your over all beauty as well. You can get your daily dose of sulfur from raw cacao, coconuts, avocado, raw eggs, bok choy, cabbage and many other types of food.

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