Gorgeous Braided Crown Hairstyles

Braided crown hairstyles are very cute and elegant. They sort of have a royal-ish vibe to them and they’re also a nice way to add a subtle romantic touch to your look. the simplest crown braid can look extremely difficult and complicated at first glance, especially if you aren’t a master at braiding yet. However, it’s not really all that difficult to do. In fact, basic knowledge and skills on braiding are often enough to create a nice crown braid. If you’ve mastered the art of braiding, though, you’ll be able to create more complicated designs that are sure to intrigue others as to how it’s done. Below you’ll find a list of our top 5 and we hope you find the perfect crown braid hairstyle for you:

  • Messy crown braid – the most basic crown braid is made even easier when you aim for a messy crown braid. It’s a much more relaxed and sexier alternative to the regular crown braid and it’s also a nice starting point for those who are still new to the art of braiding. For those who do neat braids, all you really do is leave out thin strands of hair and pull some out to get the messy look. You can also pull out to loosen the braids and make it more relaxed instead of uptight.

messy crown braid hair messy crown braid

  • Crown braid with bun – if you’re looking for a crown braid hairstyle that you can wear with more formal or dressier outfits, you should definitely go for the crown braid with a bun. it’s done by starting out with a regular crown braid but instead of finishing by tucking the braids into each other, what you do is coil it into a nice, low bun or a chignon. This crown braid hairstyle is very elegant and is perfect for when you want something a little more than just the casual crown braid.

bun and crown braid

  • Half up crown braid – on the other hand, if you’re looking for something casual, laidback and relaxed, the half up crown braid is the one for you. it’s a whole lot easier than the regular crown braid as no French braiding is required. Just take 2 small sections of hair from both sides, braid and draw to the back then tuck one underneath the under and secure with a bobby pin. Super easy and simple, perfect for a lazy spring day.

bun and crown braid hair

half up corwn braid hair half up crown braid

  • Double crown – looking for something even more royal and regal looking? Why not do a double crown braid? It’s just as easy as doing the regular crown braid except that you do it twice. This crown braid hairstyle is more prominent as the braids appear thicker than they would normally do but you can also do thin double crown braids if you want something more subtle.

double crown braid hair double crown braid

  • Starburst crown braid – I guess this is the most difficult to do out of all the crown braid hairstyles, not because it requires complicated braids or whatnot but because it takes up too much time and effort. You may even need someone else to do it for you or help you with it because if you try to do it yourself, your arms might go numb. Aside from that, though, it’s fairly easy and the result is simply stunning.

star burst crown braid star burst crown braids hair