Gorgeous Curly Hair Styles You Can Create

Women who are naturally curly are lucky because they don’t have to do a lot of work just to get some volume and texture on their hair. If there’s one thing a lot of women love to do with their hair, it’s curling it. Curling your hair can give it lots of body and volume. Depending on the curl style that you do, you can achieve several different looks just by doing curls. If you’re someone who likes to play with hair and curls a lot, I bet you’re going to love this list of gorgeous curly hair styles you can create by yourself. Read on and check them out!

  • Straw curls – I don’t see this kind of curly hair style too often anymore but it’s always nice when I do see someone sporting it here and there. Straw curls are very tight curls that spiral up and down. It’s very unique and it’s also very interesting. Because of the way it looks, straw curls are best worn with your hair down. What’s also great about straw curls is that you can do them on your own without using any heat at all!

unique straw curls red straw curls

  • Big. Voluminous curls – this has been proven to be a red carpet favorite among celebrities and we love sporting it for fancy events and parties, too! Big, voluminous curls are perfect if you want something sexy and elegant to go with a dressy ensemble. You can easily achieve this curly hair style by using a curling wand with a 2” barrel. To make your big, voluminous hairstyle look even more classy, add shine to it by coating it with a generous amount of hair serum.

big sexy curls

big voluminous curls

  • Loose curls – loose curls are perfect if you want a curly hair style to go with your casual looks. Loose curls look almost like waves except they’re a bit more curly than your regular waves. When done right, you can make your loose curls look very natural. You can achieve loose curls by using a curling wand with a smaller barrel, about half an inch to a full inch in diameter. Loose curls can be worn on their own but you can also use them to add texture to your hair if you’re doing a hairstyle that requires texture for better hold.

easy loose curls loose relaxed curls

  • Kinky curls – kinky curls are very tiny. This kind of curly hair style is natural for most African American women but you can achieve the same look at home as well. If you’re looking for a unique curly hairstyle that’s sure to pack tons of volume on your hair, this is definitely the kind of curly hair style for you.

tight kinky curls chopped kinky curls

  • Finger curls – want something that has a more glamorous feel? Try finger curls. Finger curls don’t only look and feel more glamorous than other curly hair styles, it also has a nice vintage look and feel to it. This is the perfect kind of curly hairstyle to create if you want to add that Old World / Old Hollywood Charm and Glam to your look.

finger curls retro blonde finger curls