Gorgeous Headbands for Short Hair

A lot of women like to grow their hair out long because they believe it’s a lot easier to style compared to short hair. Well, the truth is that it’s not really ‘easier’ it’s just that there are a lot more hairstyles you can do with long hair. Long hair also allows you to experiment more with your hair because the length gives you plenty of room to play with. When it comes to which one is easier to style, though, we believe short hair wins the round. Aside from the fact that it’s easier to style (and way quicker, too!), short hair is also a lot easier to manage.

Wearing a headband is one of the quickest way to style short hair. All you do is simply slick your hair back and put the headband on and you’ll be ready to head out the door in no time. Here are some gorgeous headbands for short hair that you can use for styling.

  • Bandana headband – who doesn’t love how gorgeous Rihanna always looks despite her short hair? One of the most worn hairstyles seen on Rihanna incorporates a bandana headband. It’s a very nice way to add a retro / vintage –ish feel to any hairstyle. if you want to go all out on the retro vibe, though, you can put up your bangs in pin up curls and finish off with a bandana headband.

bandana headband bandana

  • Bejeweled headband – a bejeweled headband is a quick and easy but super effective way to make your short hairstyle look romantic. This is especially helpful if you have short hair AND strong features because most of the time you tend to come off somehow manly. Soften up your look with a bejeweled headband but don’t pressure yourself into getting the really expensive kind. You can get those with faux jewels and stones at a fairly affordable price and you’ll still get the same romantic look.

bejeweled headband


  • Thin headbands– thin headbands are perfect if you’re looking for something simple that you can wear with a casual outfit and on undone or even second day hair. A thin headband is barely noticeable, especially when you wear one that’s closest to your hair color. Despite being thin, it does a great job in keeping your hair away from your face.

thin think headbands

  • Knitted headbands – knitted headbands are the perfect accessory for short hair during fall and winters. You’ll find a lot of different designs for knitted headbands but the thick kind the covers the ears are what’s best for the colder seasons. Thick knitted headbands are a great alternative to bonnets and beanies, too.

knitted knitted headband

  • Fascinator headband – most women who have short hair tend to go for extensions during their wedding day to be able to create various hairstyles. However, it’s not really that necessary. You can simply wear a gorgeous fascinator headband on your short hair and it instantly becomes stunning and fabulous.

fascinator headband fascinator

You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out before you can start looking beautiful in it. Next time you go shopping, make sure to at least buy one headband to make your short hair even more beautiful.