Hair Care Tips for Rebonded Hair

Having your hair rebonded can leave you with very smooth and silky hair. It’s the perfect hair treatment you can give yourself if you’re constantly battling with frizz and the natural texture of your hair. Hair rebonding can take anywhere from6 to 8 hours, depending on how long and thick your hair is. It’s a very long process that requires skill from the hairstylist and patience from you. Taking care of your hair to keep it looking silky straight and smooth after getting it rebonded can be quite tricky though. There are certain things that you can, cannot, should and should not do to your hair to keep it from being damaged. Here’s a list of hair care tips for rebonded hair that will help you take care of your rebonded hair to keep it beautiful.

  • Do not wash your hair immediately – do not wash your hair as soon as you get home from having your hair rebonded. You have to let the chemicals penetrate each strand completely for optimal results. Most salons and hairstylists recommend waiting at least three days before you wash your hair when you’ve had it rebonded.

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  • Avoid sleeping on, tying, or tucking your hair behind your ears – after having your hair rebonded, it is advised that you keep it straight as much as possible to avoid kinks from developing. Keep your hair straight while asleep by laying it flat on the surface above your head. Let your hair down and do not tuck it behind your ears at least 3 days. Do everything that you can to have your hair hanging / laid flat and straight at all times during this time period.


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  • Deep condition once a week – hair rebonding is a very damaging process for your hair to go through so make sure you help it recover by doing a deep condition treatment once every week. You can have this done at the salon or you can also purchase a DIY deep conditioning kit and do it at home.

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  • Do not have any more chemicals applied to your hair – no matter how long ago you’ve had your hair rebonded, you should avoid applying any other chemicals on to your hair. The damage caused by the rebonding process is already very hard for your hair to recover from on its own so let the chemicals’ effects dwindle first before you get another treatment using harsh chemicals done. The ideal time to wait this out can take 6 months or more. If you want to sport colored and rebonded hair at the same time, have your locks colored first and wait about a month or two before having it rebonded.

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  • Avoid ‘tight’ hairstyles – even if your hair was naturally straight before having it rebonded, try not to have your hair done in tight hairstyles such as tight braids or tight bun coils after having the process done. Doing your hair in hairstyles like these can leave permanent kinks in your hair. Go for more loose hairstyles like waves and bombshell curls but still be cautious with using heat on rebonded hair as this can add damage to your hair.

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