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hair color ideas pastelHair color ideas for you

It goes without saying that your hair is your crowning glory. The style and color of your hair can greatly affect your look. If you have run out of styling ideas, then one way to add the needed pizzazz to your look is to dye your tresses into another shade. Here are the hair color trends of 2012, read ahead to see what shade fits you.

blue highlights


Go bright. Before, showing up in a party in with violet or blue hair streaks is considered a big fashion no-no. But according to hairstylists, the best shade for 2012 includes those which are bright and unconventional. Think Rihanna with bright red hair, Kelly Osbourne with pink locks, and Jordin Sparks with purple highlights.

ight red  black and blonde dyed hair

If you really want to turn heads, then you should try out any of these bright colors.

Light brown hair with red tips

abbey-lee brown and red hair

Very unusual and stylish  3 toned hair color idea. Light brown , blonde and  pink tips

beautiful hair color idea brown  blonde pink hair

Two toned hair color ideas:

ombre hair color ideas

Ombre is outstanding. If you’re not that gutsy enough to dye your hair in red or pink, then you could resort to another 2012 hair color trend: Ombre. This year this deep color has been spotted on celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rachel Bilson. Ombre hair is defined as having dark roots and lighter tips. This idea is perfect for brunette women, but of course it can also be done by women with blonde or red hair.

balayage  ideas

Be beautiful with Balayage. According to reports, the Balayage color is the most requested hair shade in salons nowadays. In the red carpet, you can see this shade on celebrities such as Rose Byrne and Erin Wasson. This technique was developed by French hairstylists in the 1970’s. This meticulous coloring is done by hand, in comparison to other shades which are dyed with the use of caps and foils. While this style can be expensive, it’s the best option for women who want to add dimension and depth to their hair. What’s great about the Balayage is it works with short or long hair.

bronde hair

Be a bomb in Bronde. In 2007, Gisele Bundchen set standards in the world of hair color by introducing the “Bronde” hairstyle. Obviously a cross between blonde and brunette, this style is created by coloring several layers of hair with two shades of color lifting chemicals. If you want to achieve this hair style, it’s recommended that you seek the help of a stylist as you could end up with a “fried hair” look if you do it the wrong way.

Stunning ash blonde hair 

long ash blonde hair

Very natural  style -soft brown  hair color and  makeup..So cute..

beautiful brown hair

And what is your favorite hair color ?