Hottest hair dye colors and Ideas

Hottest hair dye colors  and ideas to try out

Changing your hair color is one of the best ways rev up your look. If you’re thinking of dyeing your tresses another shade for the second half of the year, then here are the hottest hair dye colors you ought to try out.

Ombre hair

ombre hair


Ombre became a trend in 2011, but it continues to endear women from all over the world until now. Ombre hair is defined as hair with dark roots and lighter tips. It makes you look relatively younger, because light tips are reminiscent of childhood, when one’s hair has lightened because of constant sun exposure. To frame your face, ask your hairstylist for light tips that don’t go beyond your chin.

Strawberry blonde hair

strawberry blonde hair

If you have warm hair and eye color, then you can experiment with this famous hair color. Strawberry blonde works by framing your beautiful facial features as it works around the tresses near your face. For best results, color all of your hair with a dark strawberry blonde shade. The best thing about this sweet hair shade is that it gives you the best of both worlds: blonde and redhead!

Brunette hair dye colors may vary  from light to dark.

adriana-lima dark brown hair

This traditional hair color is perfect for most complexions. What’s great about this hair shade is it’s low-maintenance, so you can dye your hair in this shade and not worry about losing its color in just a few washes. Apart from requiring a few minutes of your time every day, dyeing your hair dark brunette is a great way to hide dull and damaged hair. That’s because dark brunette conceals hair breakage, making it the perfect color to rest your highly-styled mane.

Rainbow hair

pink-blue-blonde- rainbow -hair

Are you brave enough to rock out a wild hair color? Then you should try adding rainbow colors to your lovely locks.


Rainbow hair can look tacky when done wrong, so if you want to look rad without channeling clown hair, then you need to keep the colors on your hair tips.

Pastel hair color


If you don’t want a lot of colors, then you can go for one shade of pastel color. Before you pick a bright hue, you need to match it with your complexion. While there are semi-permanent pastel hair dyes available in the market, there are washable colors which you can wear for just one night and get rid of it the following day.

Dyeing your hair in another color is a great way to revamp your look. Consider any of these 2012 hair  dye color trends and you’re sure to rock your tresses wherever you go.