Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Despite living in a very modern world, a lot of us are still governed by myths when it comes to caring for our hair. You’ve probably heard of these hair myths back when you were younger and continue being told more and more of them until today. Sometimes, it can get quite confusing because one hair myth contradicts another so you don’t know which one works and which one doesn’t. Well, if you’re tired of trying to figure out which hair myths work and which ones don’t, you’re in luck! We have below a list of hair myths you should stop believing so you stop putting them into practice as well.

  • Regularly changing your shampoo and conditioner when they “stop working” – you’ve probably been told to switch shampoos and conditioners several times when you complained to people that your old shampoo and conditioner just doesn’t give you the same good results anymore. Changing your shampoo and conditioner regularly to get better results is nothing but a big, fat hair myth. They say your hair “gets used to the old one” which is why it doesn’t give you the same results it did when you first started using it but the truth is it’s the product build up and residue in your hair and scalp that’s stopping your old shampoo and conditioner to give you the same results. Instead of switching, add clarifying shampoo to your hair products arsenal instead and use it on your hair to get rid of build up and residue.

shampoo conditioner myth shampoo conditioner shampoo

  • Cutting your hair often will make it grow faster – regularly trimming your hair to get rid of split ends make your hair stronger and healthier but it doesn’t make your hair grow any faster like most people believe. The hair grows at an average rate of about half an inch per month regardless of whether you cut it or not.

cut hair cutting hair

  • Plucking gray hair leads to more gray hair – when you start noticing gray hair coming out and becoming more visible, you’ll also notice more people advising you not to pluck them because you’ll get more. They say plucking one gray hair will make three more grow. Don’t believe that. The spot where you plucked a gray strand of hair from will grow another strand but it’s not sure whether it will grow a gray strand or a strand in your natural hair color. Plucking your hair is bad but not because it will make you grow gray hair but because you might get a bald spot if you do it regularly.

plucking gray hair plucking

  • Brush your hair 100 times a day – seriously, who counts brush strokes when they brush their hair? Aside from the fact that it’s hard to keep track of how many times you’ve brushed your hair every day, this advice for growing hair faster also doesn’t work. Instead of making your hair grow longer and faster, brushing your hair too much will only cause split ends. Brush your hair only when necessary and do not brush too hard to prevent inflicting too much friction that may lead to split ends.

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