Gorgeous Haircuts with Bangs

Bangs are very much the trend with hairstyles nowadays. There are several kinds of bangs or fringes that you can get and with your haircut. There are full bangs, side swept bangs or side fringes, oblique bangs and more. Bangs can do a lot for your look and depending on the shape of your face and the type of bangs you get, it can make your eyes pop, it can define and highlight your gorgeous cheekbones, it can make your face look slimmer or longer or it can conceal a rather large forehead. Blunt bangs with sleek and straight hair are often the best way to go if you want to frame your face with your locks to make it stand out. A lot of celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Reese Witherspoon have this kind of hairstyles with bangs. What’s so good about this haircut with bangs is that it is very chic and easy to maintain. In fact, you can easily learn how you can trim your own bangs just by watching your hair dresser or by watching videos on the internet and that’s about the only maintenance you’ll need to do every once in a while.

Taylor Swift looks like a doll with straight hair and chopped bangs

Taylor Swift straight hair chopped bangs

Of course you can always put your long hair in a pony tail to make your bangs stand out

blonde bangs

The pixie haircut is another hairstyle that you can pair with bangs. Often, sides wept bangs or fringes are the top choices for the type of bangs that go with this hairstyle. A pixie cut with bangs can look very edgy and sexy at the same time. This cut is great for bringing attention to the eyes.

Short but sexy pixie  hair with bangs

pixie cut with bangs

You can get almost any kind of bangs to go with extremely long hair

long hair with bangs

A bob cut is also one haircut style that looks great especially with side swept bangs although full bangs can also be paired with this haircut to achieve a more fashion forward look. This haircut is great for those who want hair that is not difficult style and manage.

 Not everyone has the guts to get a bob cut with blunt bangs but it’s really very gorgeous

bob cut blunt bangs

Sleek. straight hair and bangs are a great combination

straight full bangs

For those with wavy medium to long hair, wispy bangs are recommended. Some celebrities that can be spotted sporting haircuts and bangs like this are Zooey Deschanel and of course, again, Reese Witherspoon who is perhaps one celebrity who always has fringes or bangs. Wispy bangs are light and can look good on almost any face shape.

Zooey Deschanel’s look on ‘New Girl’ has her styling with soft curls and wispy bangs

zooey deschanel wispy bangs

Oblique bangs are great for long. curly hair

oblique bangs

Now, a lot of people say that ladies with round faces shouldn’t get bangs because it’ll just make the face look rounder but that’s not true at all. The secret to getting bangs for a round face is to choose a haircut the style of bangs that will make your face look longer. For haircut, choose one that’s past your chin level and give it lots of volume at the crown. For bangs, choose the side-swept type rather than full, straight, chopped bangs as the latter will just add more weight to your face.

Hilary Duff elongates her round face with a layered haircut and side swept bangs

Hilary duff side swept bangs for round face

Medium length curly hair and side swept bangs

medium length curly hair with side swept bangs

When considering getting bangs, it;s always a good idea to look for inspiration on the internet or for advice from your hairstylist. If you’re not sure how you would look with bangs or fringes on, you can always get those clip-on bangs and see if you will like the outcome.