Fab hairstyles for medium-length hair

Medium-length hair is perhaps the best hair measurement any woman could have. Medium-length hair typically rests on the shoulders, yet it can go several inches above or below. With medium-length hair, you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming maintenance tactics for long hair, and you don’t have to feel like a ‘man’ with your ultra-short hair. There are so many hairstyles and dos possible for medium-length hair. Here are some which you ought to try out.

medium hairstyle

Try a medium-length hairstyle in which the tips are at the level of your chin. This length is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion, because you can style it easily, and not have to worry about touching up every so often. Have a more dramatic look by letting your hairstylist cut the back part of your hair shorter to expose your sexy neck. This Jennifer Aniston look is perfect for women with round faces, because the hair cascading on the cheeks narrows the face down. Maintenance is very easy, you just need to get hair trims as needed.

cute bob hairstyle

You can also try a medium bob, which has been seen on celebrities such as Nicole Ritchie. In this medium-length hairstyle, your hair is subtly layered and given side-bangs to emphasize your facial features. This style is perfect for those with heart and square-shaped faces, because the side swept bangs can soften strong features such as prominent jawbones and an elongated chin.

You can also go for a medium-length bob with straight bangs, just like the locks of Katie Holmes. This style is more dramatic and chic, yet you need to style your bangs regularly so it wouldn’t look limp or fall flat on your forehead.

Even with a medium-length hairstyle, you can still achieve bouncy hair. If you have straight hair, scrunch up your hair as it dries, in order to give your do a soft, wavy look when it dries out. This do is perfect for long faces, because it adds ‘width.’

medium layered bob

You can also make your medium-length hair curly with the use of a curling iron. Gone are the days that only women with long hair can pull this look off. With the abundance of curling irons for sale in the market, you can achieve lively, curly hair in a few minutes time. The key is to curling your hair while it’s still damp. You might need to apply sprays or mousse in order to keep the tousled tresses. This hairstyle is best for women with narrow faces, in order to attract more attention to the face.

medium wavy bob

With medium-length hair, the styling possibilities are endless! Just keep in mind to maintain your look by styling it and trimming it regularly in order to keep your beautiful head of hair.