17 Cute Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

hairstyles for medium length hair17  Trendy  and Cute Hairstyles for medium length hair

Medium length hair is one of the easiest tress styles to manage. However, styling it can be a little difficult because it does not have ‘enough’ length for a ‘do made for long hair, while it’s not that short for it to be worn that easily. If you have a dilemma like this one, you need not fret because here you can learn more about great hairstyles for medium length hair.

Pretty straight  blonde bob hair style for medium hair

straight  blonde bob hair style for medium hair

Wear it straight. This is perhaps the easiest and one of the most glamorous ways to style your medium length hair.

Beautiful dark bob for shoulder length hair

dark brown medium bob

All you just need is a brush and a blower or a hair straightener if your locks are a little wavy.

straight hairstyle for medium length hair

This style is perfect for corporate meetings or for grad school presentations as it gives you a chic and tailored aura.

Katy Perry changing her  hairstyles all the time , look at this  Beautiful pink bob.

katy-perry-pink-blonde bob hairstyle

Style it with a semi-ponytail. This style lets you have the best of both worlds. Some of your hair is down, while some are up.

Rosie-Huntington-Whiteleys- hairstyle

While you can do it so easily with a comb and a scrunchie, you can glam up your look by adding curls at the base of your hair. This look is very sophisticated, which makes it perfect for formal gatherings such as a fundraiser or a wedding.

Side ponytail for blonde and curly hair 


Wear it as a ‘poofed’ ponytail. Are you tired of the usual ponytail style? You can give yourself a classic look with a poofed ponytail.

poofed ponytail

You just need some spray net to add volume to the top part of your hair, and a cute scrunchie to finish the look.

cute ponytail

This style is a fun hairdo which you can wear to a concert, to the mall, or to a movie date with your boyfriend.

Messy ponytail with  side bangs

messy ponytail with  side bangs

Go for a dressed-down side bun. “After bed” look is one of the hottest styles today, and you can channel this style with your medium length hair by scrunching it up to a semi-messy side bun.

Kendra-Wilkinson-side bun

This look is considered playful but svelte. A messy bun is perfect for dinner dates or for art gallery launches and what not.

Medium length hairstyle with red and white highlights and very cute side bangs.

medium length hairstyle with red and white highlights

Beautiful  hairstyle – shoulder length hair with bangs.

shoulder length hair with bangs

‘Twist’ it up. Just like a messy side bun or braid, this style gives you a flirty yet innocent look, perfect for blind dates and coffee meetings.

Side twist

Side-Twist hair

Messy braid

messy medium ponytail


What you just need to do is take a small part of your hair in the front, twist it, and clip it in the back with a barrette.

twisted medium hairstyle Kendra

For best results, you can apply a small amount of spray net to keep the hair in place.