12 Pretty Hairstyles for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hairAwesome and stylish Hairstyles for thick hair – throw away your flat iron!

Thick hair might be a burden for some, but your dense mane gives your stylist an artistic playground to help you achieve a super chic look. Now, you can shift your look from classic to fashion-forward with these great hairstyle ideas for women with thick tresses.


Pixie haircut Thick-hair

If you want a total revamp, then a pixie haircut is what you need. Actress Michelle William was able to pull this off with her thick blonde locks. If you want a haircut which looks best with your thick mane, then choose a pixie style which can also sharpen your soft feminine features. For ultimate hair control, apply mousse and styling gels as needed.

Layered blonde hair with lowlights

layered blonde hair with lowlights


Mid-length bob. This hairstyle also works well for women with thick hair, as this cut complements many face shapes.

medium bob hairstyle for thick hair

Those with narrow faces will love the mid-length bob because your strong jawbones will become the focal point of your face. Women with round faces can opt for shoulder-length bobs as this can create an illusion of a longer face. Tame your thick tresses with the help of a boar brush, hairdryer, and hair smoothing serum.

This Romantic natural  hairstyle is perfect for long and thick hair

Jessica Chastain romantic headband hairstyle

Selena Gomez  hairstyle with  braided headband


Layered look. Although sporting long locks will somehow feel heavy, it can help you feel such a girl with the length you have always wanted.

layered hairstyle for thick hair

It can also accentuate your beautiful facial features, especially your chin, if you ask your hairstylist to have your layers by your chin. If you want a sexy and mysterious look, then you can ask for layers by your shoulders.

hairstyles for long thick hair

Round brushes, styling creams, straightening irons and hairdryers are the items you need in order to maintain your thick but long tresses.

shakira hairstyle for thick hair

Layered  wavy hairstyle with side bangs is a great choice for women with thick hair, just like Eva Mendes

eva mendes hairstyle


Long and curly

Kim Kardashian hairstyle


Keep your hair up. Women who live active lifestyles can maintain their glamorous looks by taking their hair up. A high ponytail or a one-sided ponytail can make you look sleek without all your hair clouding your vision.

ponytail for thick hair

For a formal occasion, you can try a ballerina bun and accentuate it with embellished barrettes. If you want a free-spirited look, go for a messy bun. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about touching up every now and then.

pretty messy hairsyle for thick  hair

There are many hairstyle options for women with thick hair. No matter what trend you choose, just remember to keep your hair well-maintained by shampooing it regularly and by using gel or sprays which can add the needed volume to your mane.