Sexy Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Having an oval shaped face is a blessing for most women. This is because of the fact that oval shaped faces generally look good with almost any hairstyle. Lots of women who have oval faces should be thankful because they are able to pull off any look with the shape of their face. If you have an oval-shaped face like celebrities Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey, following the hottest hair trends is not always necessary and nor is it always an option.

Although the oval shaped face is considered the most balanced out of all face shapes, there can still be certain hairstyles or haircuts that can look your face longer or wider than you would want it to appear. Generally, here are four different sexy hairstyles for oval faces:

Balance the roundness and length of your oval face with full bangs and curly hair

jet black full bangs

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular and influential people blessed with a an oval face

oprah winfrey

  • Short, layered hair – you can get your hair cut until it’s just a few inches short of what they would call a ‘boy cut’ but be sure to get layers. The layers will add volume to your hair and will prevent your hair from hugging your face, making it appear rounder. If you have a slightly bigger oval face, you might want to get fringes to make your face look less round and more oval.
Medium length blonde hairstyle
medium length blonde hairstyle
Paris Hilton highlights her beautiful oval face by getting a bob cut and full bangs
paris hilton bob cut
An oval face and short curly locks can make you really stand out
short curly hairstyle
  • Long, straight hair – whether layered or not, oval shaped faces look good with longer locks if you are a little chubby. You can grow your hair to any length you want and keeping it straight will make your hair look more chic and sleek. Of course, again, you can choose to have fringes or bangs to reduce the roundness of your face.
light brown hair with side bangs
Hilary Duff makes her oval face a bit thinner by pairing long, layered straight hair with side swept bangs
medium fluffy layers
Messy hair makes your oval shaped face look sexier
long messy hair
  • Long, curly hair – this hairstyle is more recommended for those who have oval faces and are nd more slim and slender. Having curled hair and having them sit around your face will make your face look fuller. With or without fringes, this hairstyle is sure to make your pretty face stand out.
 Long, curly locks are very flirty and feminine
long curly hair with side fringes
Frame your oval shaped face with curly locks to emphasize the perfect shape
medium length curly hair
  • Casual bun or ponytail – it doesn’t matter if you have long, short, or medium-length hair, if you have an oval shaped face, you will look good in a casual bun or ponytail. The decision to make your bun or ponytail loose, tight or messy is entirely up to you. Having your hair in a bun or ponytail, gathered away from your face will reveal your beautifully balanced, oval-shaped face.
 Jessica Alba gathers her hair in a loose, messy,  ornate bun to show off her oval shaped face better

loose messy updo

Messy buns are perfect for either casual or dressy outfits and they make your oval shaped face stand out, too

messy bunStick to a hairstyle that you are most comfortable with and do not feel compelled to chase hairstyle trends but also, do not fear experimenting with new hairstyles because you’ll never know when you’ll find the perfect one for you.