Highlights for brown hair

Amazing Highlights  ideas for brown hair

Brown hair is beautiful, and it’s the perfect accessory for any occasion. No matter what length your hair is, and no matter how you wear it, it keeps you pretty and makes your lovely facial features pop out. Add to that, you can spice up your look with any highlight color because most shades work well with brown hair. If you want to further glam up your look, here are stunning highlight ideas for your brown hair.

Blonde highlights for brown hair.

blonde highlights in brown hair

Blonde is a great highlight color for brown hair, because its light shade contrasts with brown’s deep hue. While this is a great way to spice up your look, you need to be careful with this color. Highlight cautiously, just make sure that there are enough number of streaks in your hair. If you go way overboard, you’ll look like a washed up actress.

Golden brown highlights for dark brown hair.

golden highlights

A great thing about golden brown streaks is that they work naturally with your brown hair. You can have highlights from the top of your hair, or you can have golden brown streaks just at the edges of your tresses.

Reddish brown/copper highlights.

copper highlights

Like red highlights, copper streaks can give you a rugged rock star look. You can ask your stylist to put copper from the tips to the roots, or you can just tell her to add copper streaks to the tips of your locks. This color will also work well with women with short brown bobs.

Red and blonde at the tips.

red and blonde tips

This look is perfect for women who want a unique, rock star look. Have this highlight style by dashing red and blonde colors to the tips of your hair. Not only will this look well worn down, it also creates a cascade of colors when worn up in a ponytail.

Pink, blue, or violet.

brown hair with blue highlights streaks

If you are daring enough to have highlight colors that are out of this world, then great shades that can complement your brown hair include violet, blue, or pink. Because these are such shocking colors, remember to make use of any of these colors minimally. A few streaks in pink, violet or blue will make you look unique. Avoid getting crazy with these highlights because you can end up looking like a clown.

blue and pink highlights braided natural brown hair

Red highlights in brown hair

red highlights in brown hair

Tip: If you want to have these colorful highlights without dyeing your hair permanently, you can purchase clip on hair highlights or washable dyes in any of these colors.