Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Beautifully-styled brown hair  can make you look dashing in every occasion. But if you’re tired of your monochromatic locks, you can make it look classier with highlights. These colors pop out, making you look ravishing and gorgeous. If you are thinking of having beautiful highlights for light and dark  brown hair, then here are some ideas to help you out:

Blonde highlights on brown hair

subtle blonde highlights

Want to know if blondes do have more fun? You don’t need to dye all of your hair in this light color, you can have it just as highlights for brown hair. The key to dyeing blonde highlights is using it sparingly. Avoid getting dye-happy with blonde or else you’ll look like a hair color project gone wrong.

A platinum blonde or honey blonde highlight looks best on women with light brown hair. Dark blonde and golden brown streaks, on the other hand, will work better on women with medium brown tresses. Because of the golden rule that highlights should just be two shades lighter than your hair, women with dark brown locks should avoid blonde streaks, whatever shade it might be.

Golden highlights: dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Golden brown color is perfect for women who want to have subtle highlights for brown hair. Unlike other colors, this fusion of blonde and brown fits any occasion.

golden highlights for brown hair

It works out with any type of length. If you want a balayage look, dye golden brown on your tips. If you want an ombre effect, color the top of your hair with golden brown dye.

Purple and blue streaks

purple and blue streaks

Reddish brown highlights

This copper tone is considered as a unique highlight for brown hair. If you want an edgy look, then this color is what you want on your hair. Sport a trendy look by asking your stylist to dye either the base or the tips of your hair.

pink hair tips

While this highlight will look great on any woman with brown hair, it’s recommended for those with lighter shades of brown. Light auburn, which is a mix of red and brown, is the perfect highlight for girls sporting medium brown locks. Reddish brown and auburn are perfect highlights for brown hair which lean on the darker side.

Red or Purple highlights on brown hair

red highlights on brown hair

Caramel highlights

This light shade of brown will work is one of the best highlights for brown hair, especially the deep, dark ones. This tone will pop out from your head in a subtle yet sophisticated way. Mocha is an almost-identical color to Caramel Brown, and is another good choice for women with dark brown hair.

Ombre highlights for dark brown hair


ombre highlights

Caramel blonde highlights on  dark brown hair:

blonde highlights on brown hair

dark and pink hair

Stylish ombre highlights

khloe_kardashian_ caramel highlights