How To Cut Your Own Bang

How to cut  Bang? Check this!

There are many things out there that help you with a lot of different situations, but one of them is always a mystery to some and this is how to cut your own bangs. There are a few ways you can do this and be successful.


Pick your bangs

This means that you should pick the style bangs that you are wanting before you start to cut them. There are a lot of different bang looks out there and if you look at some pictures you may notice that some are really simple to wear. Before you start cutting try and look at some of the bangs that you may want to wear as your own for awhile.

To cut your bang  you will need  some tools :


1.  Barber Scissors

2.Double Sided Thinning Shears

3. A comb

4. Large Butterfly clamps



Short bang look

Well when you are reading on how to cut your own bangs there are a lot of things that come into play and that is how short you want them. Well there are a few short bang hairstyles that you can look at in order to get some ideas on how to cut yours that way and keep it nice and fresh. Now for everyone the short curled look is the best and popular one. This is moving some of your hair to the front and then trimming it just above the eye brows or your eyes at least. Then you curl the bang for a nice little look. This is one short bang style that you see all the time.

China Bangs

With china bangs they are basically straight and flat against the forehead. I have to say not stuck to your forehead though. These are nice to try and wear as well. When you do these you really do not need a lot of hair, but you need the right hair type or texture to get them to some out the way that you actually want them. Other than that this style is worn a lot and many women love it.


There is always a lot of information on how to cut your own bangs, but you have to make sure that you know what you want. When you have the style make sure that you use the right amount of hair or you will cut too much which will result in a huge upset. If you are not sure on something be sure to waer the short style until you are comfortable with something else.