How to Cut Your Own Bangs

If you want to spice up your look without doing anything drastic to your hair, adding bangs or fringes is a great way to shake it up. Depending on your face shape, there are several ways to cut and style your bangs. A lot of people say that you shouldn’t cut your bangs on your own but if you’re on a really tight budget, a bit of experimenting can’t hurt. Just remember to do it little by little so that in case you don’t like the way it’s turning out, you have lots of room for ‘repairing’ the damage.  Here are some tips on how to cut your own bangs to make the task a little bit easier for you.

bangs style

  • Dry your hair before you cut it – cutting your bangs when it’s wet may seem easier but don’t do it. Make sure your hair is dry before you cut your bangs because cutting them while your hair is wet might have you cutting them shorter than you have originally planned. However, if you really find it easier to cut while it’s wet, just remember to keep shrinkage in mind and cut your bangs a few centimeters longer than the original length you want.


  • Gather your bangs and tie the rest of your hair back – determine the section of your hair that makes up your bangs, gather it and separate it from the rest of your hair by tying the rest back into a ponytail. This will let your work with more ease and efficiency and will also make sure that you cut ONLY from the bangs section. When your hair is loose while you try to cut your bangs, random strands and sections may fall in your face and you might mistake those for bangs and chop them right off only to realize later that you have random parts of your hair shorter than the others aside from your bangs.


thin wispy

  • Comb your bangs flat on your forehead – take a fine-toothed comb an comb your bangs flat on your forehead so you have a goof view of where you want your bangs to land. Some people prefer to have their bangs rest on top of their eyebrows, others like them a bit longer resting below the brows while there are also those who like their bangs really, really short.

long short

  • Start trimming from the middle and work your way out – after determining how long you want your bangs to be, insert the comb underneath and start trimming with your scissors in a vertical position directly under the comb. Start from the middle and work your way outwards, checking every now and then if you’re trimming your bangs even.

heavy bangs

  • Work on the outer parts – after you’ve achieved the length you want on the middle section of your bangs, work on the outer parts of both sides to even it out. Insert the comb underneath and start trimming just like you did with the middle section.

full bangs full

  • Check if they’re even – before you put your scissors away, check to see if your bangs are even. Sometimes you will miss a few strands of hair and now is the time to make sure you get those as well. When all is well and you like the way your bangs look, brush off all the hair that fell on your face so you don’t have to put up with itchiness throughout the day.