How to Deal with Gray Hair

Gray hair is a common sign of aging. And, with the way a lot of women are obsessed with looking young today, dealing with gray hair is something that a lot of us preoccupy ourselves with regularly. Some women get gray hair earlier than others and this has something to do with either genes or the way they care for their hair. Either way, gray hair is something that not a lot of us are proud of, especially when you have dark hair and a single silver strand really stands out loud and proud. If you’re starting to get gray hair or if you want to know how to handle getting gray hair in the future, read on below and check out our tips on how to deal with gray hair.

  • DO NOT pluck gray hair – the most common reaction of people who start to see the first strand of gray hair on their head is to pluck it. Don’t be one of them. While it has been proven that the old beauty belief of plucking gray hair leading to more gray is a myth, plucking gray hair is still a no-no. When you pluck gray hair, a new strand will grow with the chance of being just as grey or, sometimes, less gray. You will be tempted to continue plucking this and overtime, this will damage the hair follicle to the point where no more hair will grow from it anymore. If done on a large scale, this can lead to a bald spot.

plucking gray hair plucking

  • Try out hair mascaras – if you regularly dye your hair, those gray ones at your roots can be really unsightly. There’s a way to cover it up without having to re-do your whole head, though, and this is by using hair mascaras. However, the results from these are temporary and they’re only really convenient when you’re outdoors or when you’re travelling. Nevertheless, they’re still a convenient quick fix for gray hair.

hair mascara before and after

hair mascara

  • Add a little bit of dye to your shampoo – this is a trick that works not only to cover up gray hair but also to make the color on your hair appear more vibrant. When doing this to cover up gray hair, make sure to focus on the roots. Do this at least twice a week to touch up the color on your roots. The results may last longer compared to hair mascaras but you’ll have to do it regularly. You may also add a little bit of hair dye to your conditioner for longer lasting results.

hair rinse hair rinse color

  • Opt for demi-permanent hair color – if your problem with gray hair is becoming more persistent, it’s time to switch from your regular hair dye formula to a demi-permanent one. Demi-permanent hair color formulas give color to your locks without ammonia. It’s a much healthier option for your hair compared to permanent hair color yet, it’s able to give you 100% gray hair coverage.

demi permanent demi permanent color

  • Embrace it but… – if you find dealing with and covering up gray hair to be too much of a hassle, you can always choose to ignore it, let it grow and embrace the natural gray color. However, this does not mean that you are totally free from having to maintain your hair. Natural gray hair feels coarser and look dryer compared to pigmented / colored hair so you will have to take extra measures to make it look shiny and healthy. Moisturizing hair products and regular deep conditioning can help you achieve healthy looking natural gray hair.

gray hair natural gray hair