How to Get Bombshell Waves

Now that the hot summer days are over and the humid spring days have passed, it’s time for us to say goodbye to unruly, frizzy hair and hello to more polished hairstyles like bombshell waves. What are bombshell waves, you ask? Well, there’s really no exact description as to what it is but try to picture Kim Kardashian, Sophia Vergara and other Victoria’s Secret models in their gorgeous, big and luscious wavy locks and you’ll get a good grip of what bombshell waves look like. To some they may look like very bug and loose curls except that they’re a lot more relaxed.

There’s no doubt that any woman would love to have bombshell waves on her hair. It’s a very sexy and polished look that you can wear easily from day to night. If you’ve always wanted these waves but haven’t figured out how to do it, here’s our take on how to get bombshell waves:

  • Priming for volume– you may have heard about priming in makeup as a step where you apply a product to make your makeup last longer. Well, the same goes with hair. After you have taken a shower, dry your hair using a towel to make it damp. Apply a small amount of styling lotion or wax followed by two heaping loads of mousse (make amends if you have shorter hair). Make sure you work your way from the roots to the ends and that you cover all strands as much as possible.

bomb shell waves Candice bombshell waves

  • Drying – before you dry your hair, scrunch it up a few couple of times for added volume and style. after that, use a large round hair brush and run the blower through until your hair is totally dry. You should get a somehow rounded body on your hair after this step.

elegant bombshell waves

lux bombshell waves

  • Priming for curls – another priming step is necessary before you can actually make the curls. Apply styling gel, as much as what you think is needed, to make sure that the waves and curls you are about to make will hold their shape and form. The gel will also give your locks a nice added shine.

ombre bombshell waves pretty bombshell waves

  • Creating waves and curls – section your hair into about two or three parts: top, middle and bottom. Tuck away the middle and top parts and start with the bottom section first. Take a curling iron with a one inch barrel and start curling random sections. Make sure to curl away from your face to get that ‘wind blown hair’ effect. Continue until you’ve done the whole section and then move to the middle section and finally the top section.

Reese Witherspoom with bombshell waves signature bombshell waves

  • Finishing off – after you’ve done all the sections of your hair, give it a final run through with your fingers to loosen up the big curls and create soft waves then spritz on a generous amount of hair spray all over to ensure that the waves will last all day.

big bombshell waves VS bombshell waves

Bombshell waves may seem very difficult to do but we hope this step by step guide opened your eyes to how easy it actually is.