How to Get Past the Awkward Fringe Length Stage

Sometimes, when you have been sporting something for so long, you get tired of it and think of trying out something newer. Fringes, for example, can really frame your face beautifully but after a while, you get tired of maintaining them and just decide to grow them out. Now, growing out your fringes isn’t going to happen quickly. It can take days, weeks or months, depending on how short they are at the moment and how quick your hair normally grows. A little into this growing out stage, you’ll experience having your fringes at an awkward length. It’s like they’re too short to blend in with the rest of your hair yet too long to stop the growing out stage and just cut them again. It can be a little annoying and frustrating because sometimes they just look weird but that’s pretty normal. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to get past the awkward fringe length stage so read on and check them out!

  • Embrace messy – when you have perfectly brushed hair, the last thing you want is a strand or two sticking out and getting in the way of your pristine look but when you have messy hair (not like disheveled-looking or anything but just the natural-looking mess), having a portion of your hair going haywire isn’t going to be that much noticeable so embrace messy hair while you’re at this stage.

bangs blending in with messy hair messy hair with bangs messy long bob and bangs

  • Pin them back – if your bangs are still a little short for any kind on styling, you can simply pin them back. This works for side swept fringes as well as full bangs. Gather your bangs, pull them back to your crown, secure with bobby pins and you’re done! You can also twist them before you pin them to make them look a little more fun or you can also back comb your bangs a little for a bit of volume to get, like, a mini bouffant.

simple pinned back bangs twisted pinned back bangs voluminous pinned back bangs pinned back bangs tutorial

  • Part where needed – sometimes, all it takes to make your fringes blend it with the rest of your hair is to part your tresses where the bangs could join in. If you have full bangs, try doing a center part and then part your fringes in half as well. If you have side swept fringes, part your hair to the side where your fringes are.

side part short hair center part hair with bangs

  • Braid it – another easy way to deal with your fringes while they’re at an awkward length is to braid them. This makes it easier to make your fringes blend in with the rest of your hair. You can do a side French braid that starts with your fringes or simply braid your bangs alone and them pin them in with the rest of your (loose) hair.

braided bangs french braid fringe tutorial side braid fringes

  • Use accessories – accessories are your best friends when it comes to hiding the awkward growing out stage of your fringes. Wear a headband to pull your fringes back (make sure to use gel or pomade to smooth them out) orclip them in with cute little bobby pins, hair clips of mini barrettes.

flower crown headband chic black headbandsparkly clip for bangs