How to get rid of greasy hair

8 Easy tips  to get rid of greasy hair

You might have the perfect attire, glamorous heels, and a cute bag, but if you have greasy hair, your efforts to make yourself look beautiful will all go down to waste. The cause of greasy hair varies – from you forgetting to shower, to the hormones that are running amok in your bloodstream. Whatever the cause might be, there are easy ways that can help you get rid of greasy hair.

      Apply loose powder to the roots of your hair. Dab your makeup brush on your favorite loose powder. Shake the brush to get rid of the excess powder. Apply the powder to your hair roots and spread evenly to blend the color to your strands. The powder absorbs the oil which makes it an easy solution to greasy hair.


      Wash your hair with shampoos specifically formulated for greasy hair. Apply the formulation only to the affected areas, and use your favorite brand of shampoo to the healthy parts of your hair.


Preventing greasy hair – before it happens

If you suffered from greasy hair yesterday, there’s a big chance that it might happen the following day. Prevent greasy strands from happening by cleaning your hair frequently. Washing will remove dirt and toxins in the hair that cause grease. Use cold water to prevent more oil production. Wash your hair thoroughly, because some conditioners can make your hair greasy.

      • Only apply the conditioner on the body and the tips of your hair. Avoid applying conditioner on your scalp.
      • Be careful in applying chemical products to your hair. Sometimes, the mousses and conditioners that you leave on your hair cause it to become oily. This is because they contain chemicals that cause oil production to go overdrive.
      • Remember to avoid using heavy conditioners as these can make your hair look sloppy.
      • Hairstyles with bangs that stick to the forehead can cause hair greasiness. Avoid this hairstyle if you want to keep your mane free from oil.
      • Avoid touching your hair often. The dirt and oil on your hands can be transferred to your hair, which can result in a greasy, unkempt look.
      • Your diet affects the greasiness of your hair. Avoid sweet and fatty foods because they can cause excessive oil production, which can make your hair (and even your skin) greasy.

Greasy hair can be a nightmare for most women. But if you follow these tips, you can prevent yourself from suffering an oily hair dilemma all over again.