How to Get the Perfect Bed Head Look

Today, it’s so refreshing and reassuring to know that you don’t have to have every single strand of hair in place before you can go out. You can look dishevelled and not have anyone think you’re crazy because today, it seems like slouchy is the new chic. Everything non-polished, from oversized sweaters to baggy and distressed pants, is in and if you’re looking for a hairstyle to go with these slouchy chic looks, nothing is better than a sexy (and intentional) bed head look. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect bed head look.


  • Start with second day hair – nothing is better for creating messy hairstyles like the bed head look than second day hair. Dirty hair (not the gross kind, though) holds hairstyles so much better. It also helps give you more of that messy look. Even third day hair works for the bed head look, if you can go that long without reaching for the ‘poo, that is.

perfectly messy hair tousled bed head hair dreamy bed head hair

  • Add texture to clean hair – if you’ve already washed your hair clean and decided you wanted to do the bed head look, don’t worry. You don’t have to wait for tomorrow or roll around outdoors to get your locks dirty. You can add texture to it instead to make it hold the hairstyle like dirty second day hair would. Use a sea salt spray for some texture and, if you have straight hair, add some waves to it using your curling iron.

redhead bed head alexa chung updo messy hair look

  • Shake it – to give you hair more of that bed head fluff, flip it upside down and shake it around a little bit. Resist the urge to finger comb your hair while doing this and simply tousle it around randomly instead. Flip it back up, give it another shake and tousle and proceed to the next step which is scrunching it up.

sexy bed head hair bed head braids perfect bed head look

  • Scrunch it up – now to add that dishevelled ‘just rolled out of bed’ look, go ahead and scrunch up your hair in sections. Apply a styling product like mousse or gel before you scrunch your hair so that it holds better. Don’t put too much, though, as you don’t want to end up with wet or crispy looking locks. If you’re leaving your hair down for the day, you can go ahead and spritz on some hairspray as the final touch to the look.

sexy messy ponytail sexy hair style bed head magazine cover

  • Skip the brush – if you decide to put your hair up in some sort of hairstyle with the bed head look on, skip the brush. Or the comb. Or any other contraption that will smoothen out and polish up the look. Grab your hair by the fingers and put it up any way you want. Pull out a few strands and loosen the look up a bit to keep the messy tousled look.

signature bed head look crown braid bed head style bed head updo