How to Have Healthy Hair

Your hair is considered your crowning glory and healthy hair makes you look so much better than when you have dry, limp and lifeless hair. A lot of things can cause damage to your hair and there’s a good chance that you encounter most of these things on a regular basis: prolonged exposure to the sun, harsh chemicals from hair coloring, hair products and other salon treatments, pollution and heat from styling tools. With all these causes of damage becoming necessary for having gorgeous hairstyles, it can be quite difficult to keep your hair healthy. Here are some things you can do to have healthy hair:

  • Don’t wash your hair daily – this may sound gross to you at first if you’re someone who shampoos everyday but believe me, using shampoo everyday is not at all necessary. In fact, not washing your hair daily is good for your hair. Shampoo contains chemicals that, when used daily, can strip your hair of its natural and healthy oils needed to keep it healthy and shiny.

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  • Use as little product as possible on your hair – any product you apply on your hair makes it harder for your hair to ‘breathe’ so try to use as little product as you can and only use the necessary ones.

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  • Dry your hair carefully and naturally if possible – Drying your hair so you can style it before you goon with your day is a must and one way to dry hair quickly and completely is to blow dry it. Now, a lot of people say that blow drying is bad for your hair and can damage it but that’s not entirely true. Using the blow dryer too close to your wet hair on its highest setting is what damages your hair. If you use the lowest / coolest setting and you place the dryer away from your hair at a considerable distance, you can actually blow dry your hair safely. Try to air dry your hair every now and then, too,

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  • Stop the wring and wrap – the wring and wrap is what most women usually do with their hair right after they step out of the shower. This is done to keep wet hair from dripping while going about morning preparations. However, wringing and wrapping your hair can cause your hair to get more prone to breakage because wet hair is so much more fragile.

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  • Use a heat protectant before styling – styling your hair using tools that generate heat is also one of the major causes of unhealthy hair. Before you let your hair come in contact with any tool that uses heat, make sure to spray on a generous amount of heat protectant.

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  • Rejuvenate your hair with treatments every now and then – when parts of your body get exhausted, your first thought is to give that body part a break and have it rejuvenated by some kind of special treatment and that’s how it should be for your hair, too! Treatments like hair spa, hot oil, deep conditioning and hair masks are just some of the treats that your hair needs and deserves every now and then to keep it healthy.

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