How to keep your hair straight

how to keep your hair straight7 Great tips on How to keep your hair straight during the night and day

Before, you need to visit the hairstylist often and avail of expensive treatments to keep your hair straight. But with the development of many products and portable equipment, you can now straighten your curly locks on your own. If you want to keep your hair beautifully straight without the pricey salon visits, then here are the tips you need to follow:

Lengthen your hair.

very long brown straight hair

The longer your hair, the better chances it will grow out straight. That’s because the weight and gravity work together to keep your tresses sleek. If you opt for a short hairdo, you can expect them to curl up easily. You also won’t get the look that you want should you decide to use a straightening iron on your short hair.

Very curly Hair before and after straightening.I think both is cute!

curly vs straight hair

Apply hair straightening formulations. Fortunately, straightening shampoos and conditioners now abound the market. They contain chemicals which coat your strands, making it straighter with every use. While they don’t work as fast as salon treatments, these inexpensive hair lathers can help straighten your locks in a few weeks’ time.

ironing hair

Purchase a stellar straightening iron. There are many straightening irons available in the market, and unfortunately the cheap ones are sub-par. They don’t emit the heat needed to go through the hair strand and make it straight. If you want to have great straight hair every day, then you need to invest in a professional-grade straightening iron. What’s great about this equipment is that it releases the right amount of heat that straightens your hair and keeps it straight. It’s also made from ceramic which keeps your hair healthy despite the heat it is subjected to with every use.

long straight layered hair

Apply a straightening serum containing silicone after you iron your hair. Apply the serum liberally to your hair, even the roots. This chemical helps protect your tresses from humidity, moisture, and other factors which can make your straight hair go awry.

keratin serum  for straight hair

Wrap your hair with a silk of shiffon scarf for the night.

wrap hair with Silk-Scarf

Make a natural hair straightening concoction. If you don’t want to use chemicals on your hair, then you can apply a natural serum which is made from lime juice and grated coconut. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave on for about 20 minutes. Rinse this mixture out, and go about with your usual hair straightening methods. Just like silicone, it coats hair, keeping it straight.

long-straight-hair -hairspray

Use hairspray as deemed. Although applying hair spray can make your hair look stiff, it can help keep your hair straight for a prolonged period of time. Make sure to apply hairspray on the top of your head and on the undersides of your hair as well.