How to Make Hair Color Last Longer

Hair color can make your hair look really interesting, especially if the color you chose to dye your hair in is a color that’s far from your natural hair color. Coloring your hair a different hue can also help you achieve a fresh new look without doing so much on other areas. Though a lot of people say that your natural hair color is what looks the most flattering on you, going on a different route and trying on different colors can also be fun and you may even find yourself liking another color that’s different from what you natural one is. If you’re currently in love with a certain color for your hair, read on below and see our tips on how to make hair color last longer.

  • Pick products that protect and prolong – this is the easiest thing you can do to make hair color last longer. There are a lot of products out there that are made specifically for colored hair – shampoo, conditioners, hair masks. When choosing products to use on your hair, go for those that have ‘for colored hair’ on the label and, if possible, get one that’s intended for the hair color you’re currently wearing.

bronze dark brown

  • Don’t worry about second (or third) day hair – washing your hair and shampooing it helps keep it clean but if you overdo it, it can strip away your gorgeous hair color faster that you would like. Don’t worry about not washing your hair every day and feel free to go a day, or two if your hair doesn’t get greasy easily, without shampooing it to preserve your hair color and make it last longer.

highlighted burgundy

hair color

  • Glaze it – glazing your hair is something you can do at home to make your hair color last longer and to keep it looking shiny and healthy. You can do this every other week to stretch your hair color to its full potential. You can buy hair glaze solutions from most drug stores and beauty supply shops and they’re usually not that expensive.

orange ombre hair

  • Tip for showering – unless you’re rinsing product off of your hair, don’t stand directly under the shower and make sure that your water is WARM NOT HOT because the latter can make your hair color fade quicker. You can also try adding a shower filter if you live in an area where your water is considered ‘hard’ or has lots of mineral deposits. Minerals like iron and lime are harsh on dyes and these can make your hair color fade and look dull.

red hair platinum blonde

  • Protect you hair from the sun – SPF isn’t just something you use on your skin to shield it from the sun’s harmful rays. You can use it on hair, too! After all, your hair gets just about as much sun exposure as your skin and the UV rays can penetrate your roots and oxidize your hair color. Next time you shop for some beauty stuff, don’t forget to grab yourself a hair sunscreen, most preferably that with SPF 12. Use this on damp hair before you head out and expose your hair to the sun.

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