How to Make Headbands

How to make headbands is what we will be discussing. Creating one for your personal use is one way to kill boredom. Here you will need a handful of your creative juices and the next thing you know you’re the talk of town with your personalized headbands.

There are many headbands you can create out there depending on where you will use it and what you will use it with.

braid headband and glitter headband

How to make a braided headband?

Here is a few ways:You can make braided headband from your own hair of from fabric and old t – shirt, here is a guide with images:

braid headband

DIY Braid headband from t shirt: wrap  t shirt  stripes or any other  fabric around your old headband , make e a braid and  attach with glue.

fabric braid headband


Braided  hair headband  – Boho Queen Nicole Richie and pretty girl Lauren Conrad has been spotted sporting this kind of hair style.

nicole-richie-maxi-dress- braid headband

What can we say? They look absolutely stylish and easy to do!Look at Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton braided hair headband

First off, you will have to divide your hair into two and French braid them. Once you’re done you just wrap them all around your head leaving the loose hairs behind and voila! They are perfect hair do when hitting the beach and or casual morning walks.

Lauren Conrad headband


How to make Crochet headbands – When your creativity tank is fully loaded, you might wanna try making crochet headbands for yourself. You will definitely need measuring tape, yarn, decorations and embellishments, and crochet hook.

crochet headband

For you to make one, take note of your head’s measurement. Next step is to choose the yarn color you want and the size of the hook. Create a chain of single crochet and seven stitches in each of the stitch across. Don’t forget that at the end of each row, you will need to chain one and turn. To create a ribbing stitch, you must have to work in the back loops and single crochet them throughout the whole headband. Again, at the end of each row, chain one and turn. When you have reached the desired length you want for your crochet headband, cut the yarn. It will then leave a long tail of about 12 inches. Using the tail, you would have to then sew both ends of the headband. You may use the remaining of the tail to stitch in decorations to the crochet headband so it would look extra pretty.