How to make your hair grow faster and longer – 4 easy tips

 Find out How to make your hair grow faster and longer

Your hair is your crowning glory. While short hair is deemed sexy, most men find women with long hair more attractive. If you have short or medium-length hair and want to grow it fast and long, here are ways on how you can do so.

Keep yourself healthy

A better immune system can foster hair growth. Give your body a better defense line by eating foods rich in Vitamin B, C, E, and protein. These foods include nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Take biotin supplements and dandelion tea to make your hair grow longer at a faster rate.

Stay away from stress

Too much stress on your part can make your hair grow thin and brittle. Worse, they might even fall out one by one! To make your hair healthy and long, employ any form of stress management. Take a breather from stressful tasks and activities. You can try out meditation or yoga to get rid of the stresses that can ruin your locks.

Make a change for the better

Optimal health is important in hair growth, so if you want longer, thicker hair, you need to stay away from a bad lifestyle. Cutting your alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking will do wonders for your hair, as these vices rob your hair of nutrients. They also contain toxins that can damage your locks in the long run.


Care for your hair

Giving utmost attention to your hair is important for it grow longer at a faster rate. Shampoo your hair at least two times a week, to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Clean scalp mores can accelerate the growth of your hair.

Massage your scalp as needed in order to increase blood flow to the area. Massage Mira oil on your hair in a circular pattern. You can also comb your hair with a boar bristle brush to divert more blood to your head, thereby making the hair growth process easier.


Healthy hair can only be achieved if you live a healthy lifestyle. This is because your locks are nourished by the nutrients you take. If you want your hair to grow longer and faster, you need to follow these tips religiously.