How to make your hair wavy

curly hair overnightHow to get wavy hair overnight 

Wavy  hair is all the rage nowadays. Before, you need to hit the salon just to have the curls you have always wanted. But now, you can have curly hair overnight. Just follow these steps so you can transform your hair from soulless straight to captivatingly curly when you wake up.

One of the best methods to make your hair wavy overnight  is to Make your hair curly with headband 

make hair curly with headband overnight

Another similar  and  simple way to get wavy hair without heat with knots

You can do it yourself , it is easy:

make hair curly with knots


  1. Bring out all the materials you need for this method. These items are your favorite shampoo, conditioner, wide-tooth comb and ponytail clip.
  2. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner to lather up your tresses. Untangle your wet hair with the use of a wide-tooth comb.
  3. If you want laidback curly hair, you need to divide your hair into four sections. For a crimped look, braid each section, and make sure each is sector is kept in place with a sturdy ponytail clip or with  bobby pins.
  4. For loose and bouncy curls, you can twirl your each of the four sections instead of braiding them. Again, keep them in place with a ponytail clip. Leave the twirls on as you sleep for the best look.
  5. For bigger waves, braid or twirl two sections instead of four.
  6. If you have bangs, just blow dry them and leave them in place as you braid your hair. Leave the braids overnight to make your hair curlier.
  7. As soon as you wake up, remove your ponytail clip. Massage your scalp to ease the circulation in your head. Avoid combing your hair as this can result in frizzy locks. Keep your curly hair down or you can take a section and keep it in place with a cute barrette.

Here’s another process on how to make your hair curly overnight. Unlike the first method you don’t have to twirl or braid your hair. For this method you need to use a sock bun, which you can create in just a matter of minutes.

sock bun curls

      1. Make a sock bun – cut the toes off one sock, and stuff it with socks or other soft stuff.  Make ends meet to create a donut pillow of sorts.
      2. Tie your locks in a fine ponytail. Slip your ponytail inside the sock bun.
      3. Tuck your hair around the sock bun and keep it in place overnight. You don’t have to worry about going out with a sock bun on your hair because it just looks like a simple, tailored bun.
      4. Remove the bun upon waking up. You’ll definitely be happy with the curls on your hair.
      5. sock bun tutorial

Hope you liked the tutorial ! What is your favorite method to make hair wavy?