How to Refresh Your Hair Color

Coloring your hair is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to achieve a whole new different look but keeping your hair looking shiny, healthy and luxurious can be quite a challenge when it’s colored. This is because your hair will eventually grow out and the colorants on your hair will start to fade which will cause your hair to look dry and dull. There are certain colors that fade quicker than others but there are also more factors to consider when it comes to color fading. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of ways for you to restore and refresh your hair color using inexpensive products that you can mostly buy from drugstores and beauty supply stores. If you’re looking for ways on how to refresh your hair color when it starts to fade and dull down, read on and see how you can keep your hair color looking healthy, shiny and rich.

  • Watch your roots – your roots are where the first sign of fading will show. Make sure that you watch your roots to see if your hair color is starting to fade so you can immediately take action. You may have to exert extra effort if the hair color you used is very close to your natural hair color because you may not notice it fading immediately. Touch up your hair color once you notice that it’s starting to fade. There are plenty of products out there that are meant for root touch ups alone.

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  • Get hair products made specifically for colored hair – there are so many hair products out there that it can be tempting to always try a new one but if you have colored hair, doing this may cause your hair color to fade quicker as different chemicals can wash out your hair color. Make sure to get hair products like shampoo and conditioner that are made specifically for colored hair. These products will protect your hair from harsh elements that may contribute to the fading of your hair color.

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  • Go for a tinted gloss – reapplying color to your hair means reapplying chemicals on to it as well and that can’t be good, especially for hair that’s constantly exposed to other things that can damage it like the sun and heat from styling tools. Instead of reapplying color to your hair, you can go for a tinted gloss instead to make your hair shinier and to boost your hair color. You can get tinted gloss solutions from the drug store or beauty supply stores.

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  • Make your own tinted gloss – if you can’t find the right shade of tinted gloss in stores, you can always make your own at home. Tinted gloss is often just a combination of hair color and conditioner so if you have extra colorants, just mix it in with your conditioner and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes before you rinse.

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  • Color your hair 1 to 2 shades darker than what you originally wanted – color your hair about a shade or two darker than what you initially planned. Hair color can fade as quickly as in two to three days so if you color it darker, you can have the original hair color you wanted when it lightens up.

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