How To Style Long Hair

Needless to say, long, illustrious hair is a girl’s crowning glory. Learn how to style long hair, It can transform you from a regular gal pal to a vampy vixen in just a few tugs and touches.  With a few techniques and styling items, you can take your locks from day to night. If you want mane that will dramatize your look in just a few steps, then here tips on how to style your long locks.

how to style long hair

Use appropriate hair products to style your long hair

Purchase shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair’s needs, as there are different varieties that address the needs of normal, dry, or oily hair.

Use serums or creams to tame frizzy hair, and mousse to add volume to otherwise limp locks. Gel and hair glue are recommended products for women who want styled, immovable hair for several hours.

ombre hair ponytail

It’s all about the right comb

It takes the right comb to style long hair according to its texture or thickness. If you have short mane with thin to medium thickness, make sure to own a regular comb. Avoid brushes as they can damage your locks.

If you have medium to long hair and have just stepped out of the shower, then use a wide-tooth comb that can help you untangle your hair. Once dry, comb it with a paddle brush, so you can stroke your hair smoothly with little irritation.

If you have oily hair of medium to long length, utilize a boar-bristle brush. It can take oil from the root to the tips, so you can have shiny and soft locks.

blonde hair

Blow-dry your hair the right way

Should you decide to blow-dry your hair after washing it, point the barrel in such a way that it starts from the root to the tip, just like the direction of your hair shafts. Using it the other way will surely damage your hair. Use the hot or warm setting to dry your hair, and the cool setting to complete your look. If you want to add some volume, utilize the diffuser attachment.

loose curls

Style your hair with rollers and irons

If you want curly mane, then make use of hot rollers. Most products are made from plastic and synthetic sponge, and all of them are sheathed with Velcro. You can also use curling irons and wands. When using the latter, don’t forget to use protective hand mittens. For a different look, try a crimping iron, which saw its’ fame in the 1980’s.

If you want to straighten your wavy locks, then make use of a flat iron. The strengths and widths vary to suit the needs of different women.

Some more ways to style long hair:

Updo for long hair

updo for long hair

long haircut

long purple hair

Make a cool romantic fishtail braid!

ways  to style long hair

cute haircut for long hair

cute haircut for long hair

Two tone hair

two tone purple  pastel hair

long hairstyle with braid

long hairstyle with braid

long light brown hair

 Here is so many styles for long hair to choose from.