How to style short hair

How to style short hair – fashion ideas and tips

A short hair style is all the rage nowadays. Not only is it sleek and sexy, it also keeps you cool during the summer time. With short hair, you don’t have to waste so much time making your hair look fabulous. If you’re currently rocking short tresses, here are different ways on how you can style it well.

Keep your coif sleek and polished.

short sleek hair

The simplest way to make yourself look glamorous with your short hair is to keep it sleek and polished. Just apply smoothing cream on your coif and blow dry your tresses to keep them straight. Use a flat iron if there are some areas in your head which need additional smoothing.

Engage in a chic up  do.

paris hilton short updo

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can wear your short hair up so you can have a chic, nighttime look. After washing your hair, apply liberal amounts of gel to your tresses. Attain the sleek look by securing your baby hairs with bobby pins. This style is perfect for formal events such as gala ceremonies and weddings.

Tousle it up.

short spiky hairstyle for women

A certain degree of ‘mess’ in your short hair will give you a carefree look that’s perfect for any place. To create a tousled up appearance, wash your hair and apply a texturizing formulation. Comb with a natural bristle brush and mess up your hair with the help of a pomade.

Keep your bob wavy.

short wavy bob with bangs

A bob hairstyle is a fashion statement in itself, but you can make it look more stylish by making it wavy. Apply texturizing cream to your damp tresses and blow dry your hair. Use a curling iron to make your tips wavy and curly.

Give volume to your locks.

messy bob hairstyle

Despite its short length, you can add body and dimension to your short hair. To do so, spray your hair with a volumizing spray. Use a round brush or a curling iron to make your bob bouncier than it really is.

Add bangs.

Short rock  or emo hairstyle with  spiky side bangs.

short rock emo hairstyle with spiky side bangs

For a mysterious, rocker chick look, ask your hairstylist to give you straight bangs. This style can frame your features, and make your beautiful facial characteristics stand out. Complete the rocker chick look by going for smoky and hazy eyes.

Go for a Retro bob.

retro bob

Covet the old-world glamorous style by styling your locks to a retro bob. Bring most of your hair to one side. Use a curling iron to style your hair tips away. Spray hairnet on your hair to keep your retro curls in place.

How to style short hair? Here is so many ways, you can create  a  new look everyday and will  never run out of ideas!