How to Treat and Deal with Flyaway Hair

Flyaway hair is not really a major hair blunder that you should worry about. However, having those baby hairs standing up like crazy can be pretty unsightly and sometimes even obnoxious. It’s like forever having ‘just woke up’ hair. There are a lot of ways to take care of flyaway hair, luckily, and most of these are quick fixes that take no more than a few couple of minutes. No need for expensive treatments or anything like that too. if you’re dying to know how to treat and deal with flyaway hair, check out our tips and tricks below.

  • Invest in an anti-static brush – this is more like a long term fix for flyaway hair. One of the major causes of flyaway hair is the static you get from the friction of brushing your hair. Drop by the nearest beauty supply shop and get yourself an anti-static brush. True to its name, brushes like these eliminate static and prevent your hair from standing up as if you saw a horrifying ghost. Some of the best anti-static brushes that a lot of women swear by include the Denman classic brush and the Kent anti-static hairbrushes.

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  • Static guard – if you’re having trouble finding a good anti-static brush or if you simply prefer to stick with your regular hair brush, use Static Guard instead. Just spritz on a little bit on your hair before you start brushing it and you’ll be able to avoid flyaway hairs due to static. You can also spray this on your bonnets, beanies, scarves and other things that come in contact with your hair and produces static. Remember to use only a little bit at a time as too much can make your hair greasy and limp.



  • Use a toothbrush to comb flyaway hair – it may sound weird to use a toothbrush on your hair when you have a hairbrush but the small and compact bristles on a toothbrush is the perfect size to tame those baby flyaway hairs. Lightly mist a toothbrush with some hair spray and slick back flyaway hair. You can also use a serum instead of hairspray, it will do the trick just as well.

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  • Take advantage of hair accessories – hair accessories don’t only make your hair look prettier, they can also help hide stubborn flyaway hair. Wear a gorgeous headband to slick flyaway hair back. You can sport this look on its own or use it to dress up a plain bun or ponytail. Choose a headband that’s snug enough to not fall back. Otherwise, it would be useless in helping with flyaway hair.

Ready to wear Fall Winter 2011 Jason Wu Bs New York February 2012 hair slicked back

  • Keep a flyaway tamer in your purse – even if you’ve succeeded in achieving frizzy flyaway-free hair before you head out the door, always carry a flyaway tamer in your purse for good measure. Sometimes, you can’t avoid getting flyaway while you’re outside. A flyaway tamer like John Frieda’s full repair flyaway tamer is a great and effective product to carry around. it’s the size of a mascara and it looks like one too so it’s very convenient to bring and use.

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